Kanye 'Ye' West May Have Changed His Name, but Not His Allegiance to Trump

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Kanye West has taken on the mantle of “Artist formerly known as….” The 44-year-old multi-millionaire rapper, artist, and cultural phenomenon has legally changed his name from “Kanye Omari West” to, “Ye.”


The late Prince Rodgers Nelson, who was the last to don the “formerly known as” mantle, would be proud.

So would 45th President Donald J. Trump. Ye went on Revolt TV’s Drink Champs podcast to talk about life, politics, and the recent music release Donda under his new moniker. After being maligned and harassed for his support of Trump and the MAGA movement, and then running against Trump in 2020, Ye is now expressing nothing but love for the former president.

From USA Today:

The rapper, artist and fashion designer joined Revolt’s “Drink Champs” podcast in an episode released Thursday and openly discussed many aspects of his life, including his current political stance.

Ye made his allegiance with former President Donald Trump clear in the past, despite admitting to not voting for him in 2016 and running against him in a failed 2020 campaign. In 2018, the rapper called Trump his “brother,” and in October of the same year he met with Trump at the White House.


“Drink Champs” hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN asked the “Donda” artist if he had a hard time getting in touch with certain artists while he had a red hat on, referring to Ye’s support of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and campaign paraphernalia.

“I still got a red hat on today, I’ll let y’all know that. I might not got it on (right now), but I’ll let y’all know where I stand with it,” Ye said during the episode.

Fascinating, particularly since the last tweet from the artist was November 4, 2020, with a silhouette image of Ye standing in front of an electoral map, with the message: “KANYE 2024.”

Ye also told Forbes in February of 2020 that he was,”[…] taking the red hat off, with this interview.” But that interview is fascinating, because he did not blast Trump, as opposed to not so kind words for Dementia Joe. Ye as much as said in that interview that he entered the 2020 race in order to damage the Biden campaign.

“I’m not denying it, I just told you. To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy.”

Ye’s not wrong on that, and it is refreshing to have a Black entertainer with a large platform call it out, rather than sell out. Looking at you, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


Trump has been making 2024 moves for the past year, although he is keeping his powder dry on a formal announcement. Should Trump run again, will Ye still board the “America First” train or will he mount his own campaign again? The 2024 elections are looking more and more interesting, so the observant watchers of Ye would be wise to stay in tune.

Since Tuesday’s electoral stomping of Democrats, and Dementia Joe’s doubling down on his abhorrent agenda items (with the help of 13 Republicans), 2022 and 2024 are reflecting odds in conservatives’ and the GOP’s favor. While some wish to paint Ye as crazy and inconsistent, the fact that he remains a cultural force cannot be denied. Couple that force with his political leanings, which for the most part, have been unapologetically conservative, and he would make a powerful ally if not for Trump, for any conservative candidate he might choose to back.


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