This Cringe Video Is a Clear Indicator That San Diego's Mayor Is Aiming for Higher Office

La Prensa San Diego/Twitter screenshot.

When ABC7’s digital news producer thinks a certain video stretches credulity, you know you’ve jumped the shark.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria somehow felt the need to dump on the former San Diego Mayor and failed gubernatorial candidate Kevin Faulconer. Yeah, Faulconer exhibits the sincerity of a used car salesman, and it is clear he pasted over a few of his dirty dealings during his two terms in office. But really, Todd, isn’t there a better way to discuss it than this?


The only thing I can surmise is that Gloria is trying to polish his own accomplishments so he is positioned for a gubernatorial run himself in 2022. We hear progressives are not happy with Hair Gel, so it wouldn’t be beyond the scope.

But with homelessness and crime being as much of a problem in San Diego as it is in the rest of the state, he’d just be a shorter version of Hair Gel, with less… hair.

Good thing Gloria took those ghost guns off the street, though.

WATCH: (and make sure you don’t have anything in your mouth—Seriously)

Along with some really bad dance moves (Gloria must have been a hoot at the nightclubs), Gloria throws shade at Barbara Bry, his opponent in the mayor’s race. Then he throws Faulconer under the bus saying he didn’t have that “spark”, and that he [Gloria] had to come again to “bring a new day in.” Gloria’s reference to coming again harkens back to 2013 when then-Mayor Bob Filner was ousted, and then-City Councilman Gloria rose to become “interim mayor.”

Gloria then declared he’s back, and that the “Todd Squad” will clean up the mess Faulconer left, because he lied to San Diegans about the 101 Ash Street debacle, a real estate deal in which one of Faulconer’s top donors made millions by selling an asbestos-ridden office tower to the city for nearly double its appraised value.


Which begs several questions: what exactly was the City Council (including Gloria) doing under eight years of Faulconer? Were they not equally complicit in the mess the city is in? And now that Gloria is at the helm, how exactly have they changed?

Inquiring minds want to know.

La Prensa San Diego, the city’s original bilingual Latino newspaper, dug into the insider event where Mayor Gloria “premiered” this schlock. This event on September 22 was dubbed the Inaugural ToddTalk <insert *eyeroll* emoji here>, and the cheapest ticket was $445.00, with “one comma” sponsorship opportunities for the well-heeled attendees. At those prices, anyone who came to the event had to be well-heeled, as that ain’t pocket change. It also screams campaign war chest, minus the campaign.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) apparently paid $11,000 to be a sponsor at this event. This is the same SDG&E that Mayor Gloria and his backup band the City Council granted a 20-year franchise deal just a few months back.

Another cozy relationship with an elected official and a major utility. Where have we seen this before?

From the commentary posted on the ABC7 John Moreno tweet, the people of San Diego would like Mayor Gloria to actually do his job, and making music videos is not a part of it.

@avogato14 had this to say:

1. That’s such a douche video

2. I hope he didn’t use SD funds for that joke

3. I hope he used part of his $200k salary on that mess

4. I’m gonna go poke my eyes out

5. Clown face


@KKrashLeggs failed to see the difference between a Faulconer administration and a Gloria administration. Mayor Gloria standing on a box could elicit a slight difference… maybe.

huh… odd cus Toddy has the same policies and actions as Kevin did.. both hate unhoused people, both refuse to help the unhoused and their administrations so far has been the same.. but also that video is cringy and embarrassing. fucking gross Toddy

When La Prensa posted the video on their Twitter feed, they asked these salient questions:

Tiktok Todd? @MayorToddGloria, staff, & Councilmembers in song video claim “Todd Gloria is back”, dissing @Kevin_Faulconer for issues he left unresolved, singing “He lied to me.”

High school antics or is this how big city mayors communicate nowadays?

Which rightly elicited more backlash from San Diego constituents.

What. A. Shock.

cisco miller had this to say:
“The Todd Squad should be appropriately named THE FRAUD SQAUD. Was this done on the tax payers dime as I’m sure it was as that’s all these socialists know how to do is waste Tax Payers $’s. SO the question is for Douchebag Gloria to answer.. WAS THIS DONE ON THE TAX PAYERS DIME?”

Someone in the Office of the Mayor, or maybe the backup band City Council, decided it didn’t need to field more questions and concerns from constituents. Now, when you click on the YouTube video, it’s marked “private.”

Yeah, that should have been a consideration before they launched it into the wild in the first place. Don’t they have marketing and PR people who vet this stuff? Apparently not.

Mayor Gloria is doing what the big city California mayors do: Fly to Washington, D.C. to ensure that the California to D.C. pipeline stays well oiled. So, no tweets or commentary from him on this epic fail of a stunt.

Chris Cate, the “Republican” Councilman who participated in the video, took to Twitter to defend it, claiming it was simply a joke.

Kind of like our current crop of Woke comedians, he failed to realize that the purpose of a joke is to be funny. And funny this was not. It begs the question, height notwithstanding, is Mayor Gloria mature enough to even lead a major city? Are any of these SD City Council clowns?

Global Nurse responded,

“This is why he isn’t able to address constituent concerns about the rapid destruction of our community of Ocean Beach where violent crime has become rampant, encroachment laws are ignored and it has become unsafe for women, the disabled and the elderly due to his inaction. Recall”

The Activated Podcast simply said the quiet part out loud. It’s not only inappropriate for public officials, but embarrassing.


Is someone going to explain why the Mayor of San Diego and staff thought it was appropriate to recently make this video?? Not only is this in poor taste, it’s absolutely EMBARRASSING for this city.

After this video, I think the “Todd Squad” has more cleanup to do on Aisle 5.


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