'President Harris'? She's Not Ready, and Neither Are We

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It is patently obvious that Joe Biden is melting down as much as Afghanistan is burning down. Rumors are swirling about impeachment, and many — Republican, Democrat, and otherwise — are demanding his resignation. As our Editor-at-Large Kira Davis reported, Vice President Kamala Harris canceled her scheduled campaign stop, to help the flailing California Governor Gavin Newsom fight the Recall mounted against him, to return to D.C.


Could this be the moment Harris has been waiting for?

Bo Snerdley aka James Golden poses the question on everyone’s mind:

Some of us have thought this through. A. lot. Currently, our nation is leaderless. Despite the Biden cabinet, State Department, and Raggedy Jen Psaki’s protestations to the contrary, there are no adults in the room. We are daily watching the cognitive decline of a man who should have never been elected to highest office in the first place.

Even Biden doing the teleprompter reading and parroting the answers to pre-written questions spoken into his earpiece appears to be difficult, and strains his crumbling faculties. So, Biden’s resignation—or impeachment—then Harris being sworn in as the 47th President of the United States, would at least solve the questions of mental competency.

But what of the rest? We still need someone who can lead in crisis, and much of Harris’ career has shown that she is not capable of doing this. Especially as vice president, where she has tanked every role given her, from Border Czar to national voting rights legislation.


A few months back, I outlined her unchallenged and untested political rise here. Between that manufactured beginning to her performance on the national stage, she does not build confidence for a country in crisis. Her approval rating is an unprecedented net negative; unheard of for most politicians, but especially for a vice president.

Kamala Harris — who clearly has her sights on the Oval Office — is suffering a dismal approval rating. A recent aggregation of polls shows that as of July 20, her “favorable” rating is a lousy 44.3 percent while her “unfavorable” rating is a whopping 46.3 percent. If she means to replace the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2024, she has an arduous uphill climb.

Nevertheless, a British publication is speculating:

VICE-PRESIDENT Kamala Harris taking over from Joe Biden has been declared “more possible than any time” as the White House is rocked by the crisis in Afghanistan.

Kamala Harris has long been considered well placed to take over from the 78-year-old US President. With Joe Biden under pressure over the US’s handling of Afghanistan as well as concerns over the President’s cognitive reliability, political Strategist Erol Morkoc has discussed the chances of Ms Harris stepping into the role. He told GB News the ways in which Ms Harris could become the 48th President of the United States before the next election.


Political strategist Erol Morkoc took to Great Britain Live to help fuel this speculation:


Canada First News confidently weighs in on the matter:

Meanwhile, in the U.S., others on Twitter are ruminating, and the reviews are mixed. Some are excited at the possibility:

While others see it not as the lesser of two evils, but as an entirely new evil in and of itself:

California has experienced the absolute lack of engagement and damage left in Harris’ wake, as attorney general and then senator; so, it is rather frightening to think she could now step into the presidency at a time when we need damage control, not an increase in it.


When she was running for president in 2020, Harris polled at one percent, and she did not win one delegate; former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard bested her in that regard. Harris suspended her campaign before the Iowa Cauci, and a combination of genetics and political placement put her in the running for vice president. When she became the chosen one, no one could point to any great accomplishments beyond the fact that she was female, Black, and Asian.

Not exactly a rousing endorsement for vice president, let alone as the leader of the free world. Sadly, a world that is becoming increasingly less so.

World events have been moving in rapid succession this past week, and there is no expectation they will slow down anytime soon. There are families, friends, Americans waiting on pins and needles to see if our feckless leaders can pull a rabbit out of a hat and get our people and our allies out of Afghanistan without any more death or carnage. The outcome of that, as well as Biden remaining upright and moderately copos mentis, will be the point on which a “President Harris” pivots.


Now, here’s an interesting numerology prediction on the possibility of a President Harris:

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris breaking into cackles during the swearing in ceremonies?

Be afraid, be very afraid.


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