Hair Gel and Harris Reunited: Newsom Resurrects the Car Rally Campaign for Kamala Because COVID is Real

Hair Gel and Harris Reunited: Newsom Resurrects the Car Rally Campaign for Kamala Because COVID is Real
Screen Shot-Kamala Harris' Senate Twitter-Newsom-Harris Tour Damage from Creek Fire

A Campaign Car Rally was how then-candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaigned during the 2020 Election cycle; that is, when Dementia Joe wasn’t hiding in his basement.

It seems that Governor Hair Gel thought this form of campaigning is really cool, so he’s resurrecting it for his Stop the Republican Recall Rally with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Does he really want to lose this badly?

It seems to be that way.

As I reported on Saturday, Harris will be flying in from Vietnam to help His Hairfulness keep his job. With the fact that she can barely do her own job, this move does not project confidence… or even common sense for that matter.

But, Kam Kam is coming anyway, and they are holding this event on Friday, at the Cow Palace Arena & Event Center in Daly City.

This is also a strange venue for these San Francisco elites. No wineries available? Did Aunt Nancy Pelosi’s fundraiser last week in Napa set off too many hackles? Then again, how are you gonna find a large parking lot in San Francisco, a place where you can barely find a parking spot.

Newsom-Harris Car Rally in San Francisco-08-27-2021

Here’s the kicker: You, dear voter, get to sit in your car and listen to Newsom drone on in his robotic voice, while he tells you about how Larry Elder is not Black, and if he’s elected, he’ll overturn Roe v. Wade, and require women wear the costume from The Handmaid’s Tale, while Kamala nods and cackles.

But, in order to even register for this rousing rally you are required to show proof of COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test.

Even though you are already outdoors, and you are isolated to your own vehicle.

Oh, and please bring a mask.

Overkill, much?

I guess that brush with COVID that VP Kamala Harris had with those Texas Democrats must have really freaked her out, because they are taking no chances.

But if the purpose is to convince California voters that “NO” on the “Republican-led” Recall is the way to go, and said voters are fed up with the COVID theater, what kind of message does this send?

Can you say, “Tone deaf”, boys and girls? I sure can, as do others.

And this commenter asks the question that is sure to be topmost in voters’ minds:

Who indeed. I guess we will find out once Friday rolls around. It sounds about as exciting as watching that Sen. Liz Warren (D-Fauxcahontas) commercial that is all over the airwaves.

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