Newsom's Former Chief of Staff/Enabler Pens Emotional Twitter Thread Urging 'No' on Recall

Christopher Chung/The Press Democrat via AP, Pool

Now that Governor Hair Gel has gone through the top-tier of the National Democrat Party, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, urging Californians to vote “NO” on the Recall, it appears he is running out of options.


Yesterday, there were tweets from the B-List Congressmen like West Hollywood Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Dimwit) and Bay Area Rep. Eric Swallwell (D-Treasonous), but for all intents and purposes, His Hairfulness may be running out of friends and colleagues willing to debase themselves.

Enter Newsom’s former Chief of Staff Ann O’Leary, who wrote a tweet thread chippily insisting Californians Vote “NO” on the Recall because, well, gosh darn it, he’s a great guy who means well!

Essentially that’s what O’Leary said. She gave no specifics on policy or actions that would warrant keeping His Hairfulness around because, frankly, there are none. Photo ops showing you cleaning up underpasses will not cure the rampant crime, homelessness, or keep his wealthy venture capitalist friends from leaving. When they decide their armed security is no longer enough, you know you’re in trouble.

We know he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel because O’Leary is not the most credible advocate. She resigned in December of 2020, in the thick of the pandemic, when Newsom’s fortunes began to turn. So, tell us, Ann: how can we trust the word of someone who ducks out on her boss when the going gets rough? And all for a whiff of a possible Biden administration cabinet position that never materialized.

More a sign of a rat fleeing a sinking ship, and O’Leary wasn’t the only one. Newsom suffered a slew of defections from his top-tier administration, including Dr. Sonia Angell, Director of the California Department of Health, who Newsom threw under the bus after the “data glitch” in the State’s COVID reporting.

When Newsom was Mayor of San Francisco, he slept with his friend and campaign manager’s wife. Yeah, this man screams loyalty.

But, you scratch my back…

Her thread begins:

WAKE UP CALIFORNIA. Next week, you’ll get a ballot in the mail that will ask you if you want to recall @GavinNewsom. I know you may be gosh darn tired and worried—about your kids, your job, this never-ending virus. And you may be considering taking it out the guy at the top.


“Considering”? What planet does Ann O’Leary live on?

Rhetorical question.

The “guy at the top” is the one responsible for how the State runs and whether the people of the State are satisfied with how it is running. The “guy at the top” is the one who chose to become a dictator with his executive powers. The “guy at the top” is an entitled brat who thinks the Sacramento press corps are his “home-grown team”.

We aren’t considering, we have already decided. We will Vote “YES”.

But, as someone who worked side-by-side w/ @GavinNewsom for 2+ years, and has PTSD from the 2016 voter “enthusiasm gap” that gave us Trump and the ensuing doom & destruction, I implore you to TURN IN YOUR BALLOT & VOTE “NO” ON QUESTION 1 OF THE BALLOT. #StopTheRepublicanRecall

If O’Leary has PTSD, then maybe she needs to seek treatment for that. PTSD can cause you to say and do irrational things, kind of like she’s doing now.

Notice she has to give the progressive base instructions. You know why? Because they haven’t been paying attention! Had they been paying attention, they would not have treated the issues affecting this State, or the Recall, lightly.

And the progressive base weren’t the only ones not paying attention and treating things lightly, which is why Newsom is exactly where he is: using profanity and slapping on desks because he knows his time is short.

.@GavinNewsom is a self-taught man who struggled with dyslexia as a kid and developed great strengths at problem solving—learning to study intensely, to memorize an extraordinary amount of information, allowing him to better understand and tackle California’s hardest problems.

Which makes him what, a good parrot? An idiot savant?

Gavin Newsom uses his dyslexia like guys who pretend to be war heroes use purple hearts: so that everyone can feel sorry for them, and so it appears as though they have overcome hardship. Newsom has had most everything, from the schools he attended to his political offices, handed to him on a silver platter.


His “struggling, single motherschtick doesn’t stand up under actual scrutiny. His father was a Superior Court and Appeals Court judge. Newsom has been an honorary son of one of the richest families on the planet. Getty helped to fund Newsom’s wineries, as well as his political rise.

Give people credit, Ann O’Leary. We can use Google or DuckDuckGo—don’t gaslight us.

If Newsom was truly working hard to “tackle California’s hardest problems”, then homelessness, cost of living, crime, and water management wouldn’t have worsened under his watch. Amirite?

Pretty much, and even the Cult of the Perpetually Clueless knows this. They may keep him around because they don’t want a Republican in the Governor’s chair, but they recognize that all Gavin really cares about is Gavin.

@GavinNewsom is definitely not perfect (super grumpy guy on Monday mornings especially, and tougher on me than anyone I’ve ever worked with), but his grumpiness and his impatience were always about wanting to do more for the people who he was elected to serve.

Oh, we saw his grumpiness and impatience in that video, where he treated the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee like they were the hired help. Actually, Newsom pretty much said as much. However, I didn’t hear anything in that rant about doing more for the people he was elected to serve; I heard a lot of whining about how successful he’s been as California’s governor, how that’s not appreciated outside the Sacramento swamp and the reason why is because it’s the “home-grown” team’s fault!

Y’all take all the seats.


I was in the room when @GavinNewsom made the decision to lead the Nation in asking Californians to stay at home to save lives. His decisiveness saved lives. Yet, the lack of any early national response still meant too many people suffered and died. But he protected millions.

Were you also “in the room” at The French Laundry birthday party, Ann? Asking for a friend.

Interesting how every official wrapped up in this pandemic and the destruction it caused only want to define lives saved as those who did not die from COVID. For those who didn’t die, what were they saved for? To lose their business? To have their freedoms stripped away? To see their children’s future hampered or their life expectancy worsened, while Newsom got to eat $300 a plate foie gras and his children had in-person learning without masks?

Lives saved, are a matter of perspective. While New York superseded California for lives lost during the pandemic, California still showed substantial losses in terms of jobs, people who left the state, and people whose lives were diminished, according to an analysis of government data done by Hamilton Place Strategies.

Millions in the State lost their livelihoods because Newsom wanted to be “first” out of the gate. Those who could have still earned a living while restricted to their homes were prevented from doing so thanks to AB5, a law Hair Gel gladly signed. Were you “in the room” when that happened, Ann?

Newsom could have used his emergency powers to lift the law. Instead, he ignored the cries of 4.5 million independent professionals, who begged him at every one of his multitudinous press conferences to be allowed to work. Then, he used the arm of the corrupt California Employment Development Department to target and penalize those same professionals. How were their “lives saved”?

I’ll tell you what else was lost: millions of small businesses, people who lost homes, parents who lost children to suicide, because the young people chose that to living in a world where they saw no hope for their future. Other children were demoralized, depressed, and anxiety-ridden due to Newsom’s multiple shutdowns of not just their schooling, but sports, and recreational and green spaces. Who fills a skate park up with sand to prevent kids from playing? Who arrests someone sailing by themselves on the ocean?


This Governor and his “officials” did; and we have not forgotten.

Truth be told, Ann, His Hairfulness protected no one but himself. All this little tweet thread of yours shows is that this is all he will continue to do.

And @GavinNewsom has equally led the Nation in our economic recovery – making massive investments in our clean economy, our care economy and our equitable growth.

Shorter: Newsom gives preferred treatment to the Labor unions and lobbyists who have funneled him money in the past, and are currently funneling him money through Stop the Republican Recall.

Part of this overdrive push by Newsom and his cronies is to drown out the latest reveal by a whistleblower that connects Governor Gavin Newsom, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), and Jason Kinney, the lobbyist whose birthday party Newsom attended at The French Laundry.

The reason? Sacramento’s ABC10 has been doing an investigation into the PG&E bankruptcy, and the fact that victims of the 2018 Paradise Fire, for which PG&E was found at fault in sparking the blaze, still have not received any payment for their losses.

Now we know why.

Newsom had inserted himself as “broker” of PG&E’s plan to exit bankruptcy. Bankruptcy documents show the company offered to support the plan only if its terms were “acceptable to the Governor’s Office.”

Kinney ran a lobbying shop, Axiom Advisors, which landed a major client in PG&E’s bankruptcy: a committee of companies to whom PG&E owed money.


Axiom advisors said it “met periodically with the Governor’s office” in a $400,000 fee statement filed in bankruptcy court. Kinney was listed as performing 31.5 hours of billable work.

The plan delivered for Kinney’s clients. They got cash “paid in full” plus interest.


The deal was done four months before he and the governor sat down for their now-infamous dinner.

Even though PG&E exited bankruptcy more than a year ago, the restitution money hasn’t come.

That’s because the bankruptcy plan approved by Gov. Newsom didn’t pay PG&E’s victims cash in full.

PG&E’s bankruptcy rolled their restitution into a trust fund to settle civil damages for more than a dozen other PG&E wildfires, some of whom have been waiting for payment since 2015.

In Paradise, fire victims lost not only their homes and livelihoods: They lost their community. Paradise will take years to be reborn.

“They’re helping each other get ahead and stepping on us to get there,” Graham said.


Newsom is not about any type of recovery but his own.

With a state on fire from climate change, a pandemic ravaging our most vulnerable residents, and severe economic inequality, we cannot afford to lose his knowledge and leadership—which is greater than all the recall candidates combined.

Climate change? How about Newsom’s record on Wildfire prevention:

From CapRadio:

An investigation from CapRadio and NPR’s California Newsroom found the governor has misrepresented his accomplishments and even disinvested in wildfire prevention. The investigation found Newsom overstated, by an astounding 690%, the number of acres treated with fuel breaks and prescribed burns in the very forestry projects he said needed to be prioritized to protect the state’s most vulnerable communities. Newsom has claimed that 35 “priority projects” carried out as a result of his executive order resulted in fire prevention work on 90,000 acres. But the state’s own data show the actual number is 11,399.

Overall, California’s response has faltered under Newsom. After an initial jump during his first year in office, data obtained by CapRadio and NPR’s California Newsroom show Cal Fire’s fuel reduction output dropped by half in 2020, to levels below Gov. Jerry Brown’s final year in office. At the same time, Newsom slashed roughly $150 million from Cal Fire’s wildfire prevention budget.

Once Newsom is gone, and we can finally fully investigate his pandemic response, especially his pulling a “Cuomo” and stuffing COVID positive patients into senior care and assisted living homes, I wonder how much malfeasance we’ll find? We have passed the Rubicon on this man’s horrific record. No amount of gas will light that up, and gas is now too expensive to waste.

Despite at least passing knowledge of many of these things I’ve mentioned, Ann O’Leary has the nerve to say,

There is absolutely NOTHING that @GavinNewsom has done that would warrant a recall. All of the disagreement with him are simply policy and governing disagreements (or maybe you just don’t like him), but that is what regular elections for.


“Absolutely NOTHING”… How do these people sleep at night?

O’Leary concludes her pitch by shouting. Such a good look:


While O’Leary is under the delusion that she is rallying the Democrat and progressive bases, she is only succeeding in pissing off any sane Democrats who legitimately wanted to have their concerns heard, their children back in school, and their homes and livelihoods unmolested.

Hope Hair Gel is still cozy with PG&E, because it looks more and more like lights out on his governership.



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