Washington Governor Jay Inslee Joins the League of COVID Nursing Home Governors

Last week, I wrote about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nonstarter of a press conference, and pointed out the real issue that should get him impeached and put on trial: His emergency powers order that led to the murder of thousands of elderly in nursing homes.


Really, there should be both state and federal investigations mounted against Cuomo, as well as the other four governors who are complicit in using their emergency powers to force COVID positive patients into nursing homes. These corrupt cretins murdered vulnerable elderly patients by the thousands, and then massaged and covered up the actual numbers. How these geniuses thought they could do this, while bragging and burnishing their supposed leadership credentials on how well they were doing with the pandemic reflects just how power mad and arrogant they had become.

“Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Phil Murphy of New Jersey, and Gavin Newsom of California. While all of these corruptocrats shut down businesses, closed schools, and forced people to stay in their homes in the name of “Science”, they were willfully murdering our most vulnerable population without so much as an afterthought.”

According to the Post Millennial, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has been added to this infamous bunch of granny killers. One guess on what his party designation is!

In newly disclosed communications, Candace Goehring, Director of Residential Care services for the state, sent a letter to “Nursing Facility/Home Administrators” asking them to take COVID patients and also enticing them with Medicaid funds. “Nursing Homes that admit these patients will receive a $100 add on to the Medicaid nursing home rate…”

The letter was dated almost three weeks after the virus outbreak in Washington State swept through a nursing home in Kirkland, killing the majority of residents. As a result of the spread, Washington was the initial epicenter of the virus in the US.

A week before the letter was sent, Governor Jay Inslee was already issuing proclamations recognizing the need to protect people aged 60 and older from the virus— which begs the question why a department under his authority was asking for nursing homes and care facilities to take COVID patients.

Governor Inslee expanded the directives he made for nursing homes to long-term care facilities on March 26. In proclamation 20-36 on March 30, almost a month after the outbreak in Washington nursing homes, Inslee mentioned in anticipation of hospitals being overwhelmed a need to “…waive portions of licensing statutes and rules” so healthcare facilities could provide alternative beds for COVID patients.


It’s always the outgoing Health Directors that unload the damning receipts. My colleague Brandon Morse brought to light a suspicious payout by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to her outgoing Health Director in the midst of her nursing home debacle.

“[E]xiting state health department director Robert Gordon, who received hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars for a reason the public hasn’t been made aware of yet.

According to The Detroit News, Whitmer’s administration paid Gordon the pile of cash in a deal that required silence from both parties:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration agreed to pay former state health department director Robert Gordon $155,506 in a separation deal that also required the two sides to maintain confidentiality about the circumstances that led to his abrupt departure.

The agreement is the clearest evidence yet that the split between Gordon, a central figure in the state’s response to COVID-19, and Whitmer was not amicable, and it shows the Democratic administration used taxpayer funds to ease his departure.

On Feb. 22, one month after Gordon resigned without explanation, he and Mark Totten, Whitmer’s chief lawyer, signed the four-page agreement. The state agreed to pay Gordon a total that represents nine months of salary and health benefits, and he released the state from any potential legal claims.

Why Gordon stepped down on January 22 a mere eight hours after he signed an epidemic order to lift the suspension on indoor dining is still a mystery as both parties refuse to say. Financial payouts between government officials that include non-disparagement clauses and legal protections aren’t new, but this one, in particular, seems a bit suspicious given the situation Whitmer finds herself in.”


In May of 2020, Governor Hair Gel himself, California’s soon-to-be Recalled Gavin Newsom was being called out in the Mercury News for his role in COVID-19 nursing home deaths. This was long before the COVID data “glitches”, the resignation of Health Director Sonia Angell, or his greatest hit: dining indoors and maskless at the French Laundry:

“When it comes to care facilities for the elderly, Newsom’s actions have been misguided and dangerous, with disregard for the state’s inadequate testing capacity. And his administration’s refusal to provide transparent data on individual facilities’ cases and deaths is inexcusable.

The governor last week issued an offer to pay, in some cases $1,000 per day, to assisted living facilities to house COVID-19 patients. That comes on top of his earlier directive that nursing homes should expect to take coronavirus patients.

“Any guidance from the government that opens the door to send more COVID-19 into a nursing home or assisted living facility, to me, is medically unsound,” said Dr. Michael Wasserman, a geriatrician and the president of the California Association of Long Term Medicine.”

Pennsylvania’s Wolf and New Jersey’s Murphy get barely a mention for their crimes. Wolf’s Health Director Rachel Levine is now part of the Biden administration. Talk about failing upward. Both Wolf and Murphy are overshadowed by the more explosive and public scandals of their colleagues.


It is hard to keep up with the spinning wheel of corrupt acts by these Democrat governors, but what they did to our most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic should not be buried, or go unpunished.


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