Hair Gel Newsom Goes on an Unhinged Rant, and We Are Here for It!

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The pressure of sinking poll numbers, and a Recall election that he could well lose is getting to His Hairfulness.

Do you know that he actually went out again and started cleaning up underpasses?


Yeah… it’s that deep.

I’m with my colleague and Editor-at-Large Kira Davis:

As the show says, Orange is the New Black. We are doubling our efforts to make it so, especially with the toppling of his East Coast counterpart, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Nobody thought he’d be going anywhere either…

But this video, showing excerpts from Newsom’s lengthy interview with the typically slathering Sacramento Bee, is worth the price of admission:


It would be damn nice, if our home-grown team focused on what we’re doing right! Everyone outside the state, is bitching about the state!

Maybe because there’s not much (if anything) that you’re doing right? Actors need some material to work their pretense; very few can pull it out of thin air.

Between the U-Haul trucks heading due South and East, the shuttered small businesses, the high crime, and stepping over feces, needles, and inebriated and blunted homeless people, tell us, Hair Gel: what exactly are you doing right?


We’ll wait….

His Hairfulness really got wee-wee’d up when editor Stephanie Finucane asked him his response about people saying the California Dream has disappeared under his watch:

Well, let’s talk about what we’re also number one in, Stephanie. Hey, guys, forgive me. I know I’m a little pointed today… I’ve been taking a lot from… [gestures toward them] you folks, for a lot of months. So, it’s nice to be able to express myself too.

But I deal with deep pride in this state. As a Californian, not as a—I’m a future ex-governor, could happen in a few weeks, could happen in a few years. But I love this damn state, we’re number one in job creation. Tentpole of the American economy, 559,000 jobs, eat your heart out Texas, Florida.

Is he auditioning for the role in Rainman? Is he high? Jealous much?! Hair Gel continued to gaslight about how all this “growth” and innovation that is resident in the State is not just for the “fancy folks in Silicon Valley”.

Uh huh…

Tell that to the independent professionals who have been destroyed with AB5. Tell that to Toyota, Oracle, Charles Schwab, and all the other big corporations that have done the California Adios. Unlike Newsom’s friends in the media, they would all laugh in his face; and some of us might even spit in it.

It’s that real.

Then Newsom really went on a tear about Texas, which has welcomed a disproportionate amount of the companies that fled California. He whined about how much he cares about “working folks”, and how his “tax rebate” is helping working families.


It was our money in the first place, and you were required to give it back.


If you watched the entire 6 minutes and 7 seconds of the video, you know it devolves into a stream of consciousness blowout that only Hair Gel understands. Going on about how low someone’s utility bills are, when their lights are out, is not a comfort. Even the editors interviewing him cease their questions and allowed him to spew.

Apparently, he really needed to.

This is a positive sign for those who support the Recall. Even with the dirty tricks that will no doubt be employed over the next 34 days, Hair Gel is having visions of his gravy train coming to a screeching halt. And when it does, we’ll be there with the popcorn.

So, let’s turn up the temperature, Californians. We can do this.

September 14: Yes on Question 1.



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