Pentagon Placed on Lockdown After Shooting Incident

The Pentagon was placed on complete lockdown after a police officer was shot on a bus platform near the facility.

From CNN:

The Pentagon is locked down with no personnel allowed outside due to a “shooting event” that happened outside the building on a bus platform, according a message that was sent to the Pentagon workforce by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.


The lockdown lasted for over an hour while the incident was being investigated. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency quickly lifted the lockdown once the threat was fully assessed. The bus platform area remained closed and is considered an active crime scene.

The event occurred outside the building on the Metro Bus platform, which is a major entrance to the Pentagon used by thousands of personnel every day entering and leaving the building.

The bus platform is used by multiple bus lines in the area.

CNN updated its reporting with the investigation into the shooting:

A police officer was shot in an incident that took place outside the Pentagon building on Tuesday, two law enforcement sources told CNN. The condition of the officer has not yet been released.


The investigation surrounding the circumstances of the shooting is ongoing, but according to the Fraternal Order of Police, this is the 185th incident this year alone of a police officer being shot. No matter what the investigation unfolds, it seems the fallout of Defund the Police and the hostility that has been fomented towards law enforcement personnel continues to affect the safety of police officers, hindering their ability to do the work.


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