DUH: Likely Voters Don't Think Kamala Harris is Ready to be President

“Not ready for Primetime” is only a compliment to comedians. In politics, it’s an indicator that you need to do some serious work in order to get up to speed for whatever office or position you hold, or plan to.


According to a Trafalgar Group poll of likely voters, a segment of Americans are telling Kamala Harris that she needs to do some work before she is able to ascend to the Presidency.

Vice President Kamala Harris apparently has some work to do with the voters before she seeks the top job.

Nearly two-thirds of likely U.S. voters, or 63.6%, said they are “not very confident” or “not confident at all” that Ms. Harris is “ready to be president,” based on her six-month tenure as vice president, according to a poll released Sunday.

The Trafalgar Group poll of 1,000 likely 2022 voters, conducted with the Convention of States Action, found that only 31.6% were “somewhat confident of “very confident” in her ability to handle the job.

Too late! They should have thought about this before they voted for the bright, shiny objects of first female, Black, Asian, Chuck Taylor-sportin’ Vice President!

According to the poll, it’s not just Republicans who are unhappy with the symbolism over actual substance:

The lack of confidence was most pronounced among Republicans, 88.4% of whom said Ms. Harris was not ready, but a sizable percentage of Democrats — 42.6% — also showed little faith in the California Democrat. Independent voters fell in the middle at 61.8%.

I wrote about Harris’ lack of prime time ability here, and as time moves along, the lack of preparedness, incompetence, and inability to pivot becomes more glaringly obvious. It’s not a good look, and Harris’ series of stumbles, fumbles, and dumb moves continue to give it credence.


As the “Border Czar”, Harris’ “Root Causes” tour to Guatemala was an unmitigated disaster. There was no rolling that back with a fluffy visit to El Paso, TX when the actual border crisis hotspots were 700 miles due Southeast near the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen, TX.

As “Voting Rights Czar”, Harris has no concept (nor does she care) about rural Americans, vis a vis her comments on voter ID and “Kinkos“.

Harris has also been tasked to spearhead Biden’s Jobs Plan, but has done nothing towards meeting these goals (nor has Biden for that matter). But she makes a great cheerleader!

I cannot say it better than what I said here:

Sadly, Kamala Harris is an entitled phony who thinks her biological waste matter does not stink. Years of people handing her opportunity and feeding her ego has ingrained the belief that she actually earned the right to be the next president, when, like another entitled and selected politician who we all know, and equally cannot stand, she was simply hand-picked, groomed, and propped up to fill the role her puppet masters needed. Whether it was the head of the San Francisco Cabal Nancy Pelosi, or someone else, Harris was selected for these very reasons: she’ll do what she’s told, she has no limit to how much she’ll lie, and as the cackle designates, she has no filter.

Harris’ most recent bit of stupidity? Hanging out with the runaway Texas Democrats who fled their state in order to protest voting integrity bills they deemed “voter suppression.” Harris glad-handed and hung out with this bunch of doofi, compared them to abolitionists like Frederick Douglass <insert *eyeroll* emoji here>, and pontificated about their voices being necessary to “the path forward”.


Now it has unfolded that many of them have contracted COVID, and their supposed freedom ride has now turned into a potential Super Spreader event. My colleague Nick Arama reported that Harris visited Walter Reed Hospital recently for a “routine” visit. Save for a tweet about the Delta variant, we’re getting radio silence from the VP on the fact that this maskless band of so-called lawmakers not only may have infected her, but continue to add to the administration’s flawed messaging and outreach on the COVID-19 vaccines.

Harris is a proven leader, except when she isn’t. Voters see this clearly.


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