Mainstream Media Drools All Over Kamala's First 100 Days of... Fashion and Crocheting

Anyone from the Dark Side (that would be us) surprised by the liberal media lapdogs drooling all over themselves over everything Kamala Harris would’ve had to be locked in solitary confinement during the eight years Barack and Michelle Obama were perched atop their gilded throne not to understand how these sycophantic flying monkeys operate.


To suggest the media’s adulation was sickening would be an afront to sickening.

Kick up that adulation a notch or ten and you begin to approach the rarified air of 2021 and the left’s mesmerized obsession with Harris, who spectacularly went down in flames during the 2020 Democrat presidential primaries with exactly zero delegates to show for her effort.

No matter; Kamala now sits atop the “darling of the liberal media” world, as America’s first (partially) Black vice president. Given their obsession, there appears to be a common theme in the coverage of Harris: hard-hitting, objective reporting on her job performance.

Just kidding: fashion, footwear… and crocheting.

Last week, as noted by Fox News, The New York Times — “All the News That’s Fit to Spin” — ran a “hard-hitting report” titled, 100 Days of Vice-Presidential Style, with the subtitle, “Kamala Harris doesn’t want to talk about clothes. Neither does Jill Biden. You can understand why. But lots of people still want to know what they are wearing.”


I would note that “lots of people” also wanted to “know what Melania Trump was wearing.” You know, given that she was a real model who rocked style like — a rock star. The problem being, of course, Melania’s last name and political persuasion.

And last month, The Washington Post — “Objectivity Dies at WaPo” — ran a Pulitzer-worthy piece on Harris titled Vice President Harris is making her mark on the Washington-area crochet scene, which detailed WaPo’s “home and design writer” traipsing into a yarn store with Harris in Alexandria, VA, and declaring that Kamala is “making crochet cool again.”

I’ll take the over on Melania Trump not crocheting, much less giving a damn about “making crochet cool again.”

Two outstanding journalisming efforts, one from The New York Times, the other from The Washington Post. Somewhere, Edward R. Murrow weeps.

In the New York Times piece, editors retroactively analyzed Harris’s inauguration outfit, and then some — including blasting Donald Trump in the process.


“Ms. Harris wore clothes by three different independent Black designers, including a purple dress and coat that merged blue and red.

It seemed to herald a new age of conscious dress, and a new dawn for the American fashion industry, reeling after four years of an administration that had trampled all political norms, including the tradition of using their clothes as an expression of patriotic duty.

Not to mention the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, with its closures and bankruptcies.” [rolling-eyes emoji]

“Conscious dress” vs. “trampling on political norms, including the tradition of using their clothes as an expression of patriotic duty.” You can’t make this stuff up — yet that’s exactly what these shameless clowns do, on regular basis.

Yet? Vaccinated Biden continues to defy CDC advice by wearing at least one mask outdoors, often when there’s not another nothing human being in the same zip-code [sarc] while admonishing Americans to do the same by declaring “It’s your patriotic duty, man.”

Twilight Zone, meet Planet Looney Tunes.

And not to be outdone —by getting a jump on the competition — the Los Angeles Times in January was roundly mocked over its hilarious announcement that it was launching a “Covering Kamala Harris” beat, dedicated to her “historic rise to the White House.”


Wait — wut?

Honest mistake, no doubt. I’m sure the L.A. Times meant “historic rise to Number One Observatory Circle on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.” — the official home of the Vice President of the United States.

And who could forget this May news bulletin, which NBC’s “Today” was all over like Michael Moore on a bag of Quarter Pounders with Cheese?

“In our photo of the week, Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi bump elbows ahead of President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress.

“It was the first time two women have ever sat behind a president for an address in that chamber.”

Emmy Award-worthy television news right there.


Much ado about nothing? Perhaps it would be if the above media and other liberal news outlets covered real Kamala Harris news — objectively — vs. virtually ignoring much of it.

As The Hill columnist and Fox News contributor Joe Concha told Fox, “We’ve gone from invisible as it pertained to Melania Trump to inescapable with Kamala Harris.”

Concha was hardly shocked, either.

“Given the crisis that is now a catastrophe at the border, one would think coverage of the Vice President — who was put in charge of it and has failed craptastically thus far by avoiding the most basic of steps by actually not seeing it firsthand or talking to officials on the ground — wouldn’t be so glowing.

“But it’s really no surprise given how much of a PR and activist role much of our media has embraced in broad daylight.”

Joe Concha was right. And how “craptastically” has Kamala the Crocheter failed? Let’s go to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) for the tale of the tape.

The media drooling all over Kamala Harris while ignoring her “craptastic” failures is not unlike its syrupy fawning over Barack “If I had a son he’d look like Trayon” and Michelle “For the first time in my life I am really proud of my country” Obama, all the while ignoring Obama’s disastrous failures in the Mideast, “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” Obamacare, and the racial division Obama purposely sowed throughout his presidency.


In that respect, Biden-Harris is Barrack-Michelle 2.0.

And the liberal media loves every minute of it.

That, and Kamala’s outfits, shoes, and crocheting chops, of course.


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