VP Kamala Harris Has Been Given ANOTHER Job — No Word Yet if She's Started It

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This is a great way to improve a career without worrying about job performance.

It has been newly announced that Vice President Kamala Harris has been declared the recipient of a new job title. Actually, make that another job title, because going along with her duties as the second-in-command, and not at all the person actually pulling the levers from behind a curtain, she has acquired quite an impressive list of vocational headings.


One of the odd claims we have heard about Joe Biden’s first 100 days (as meaningless of a milestone as you may find) is that he has been strong in creating jobs. Those in the media hailing this accomplishment are rather heavy on the praise but light on the data, offering up little more than unemployment figures dropping. Considering the pandemic shutdown, it would be near impossible to not have improvement in that sector, yet Joe has done his best to stifle the rebound.

Aside from eliminating thousands of jobs in the pipeline construction — which he vaporized with the stroke from his Unibol — the newest covid relief checks, combined with the liberal unemployment benefit extensions and food stamp offers, have meant many do not need to return to work. Restaurants and other businesses looking to reopen are finding it a challenge to lure back employees; it is proving cost-effective for many to simply go to the mailbox rather than the time clock. There is one sector Biden has been effective in creating work — doling out job titles to loved ones. 

Joe has given praise to his wife for taking on some tasks as the first lady while still working as a teacher at a community college south of D.C. (Seems curious she goes about teaching while her husband is struggling with appeasing teacher unions with school closures.) We also recently learned his straight-laced son Hunter, fresh off of launching a publishing career, recently took on a teaching role at Tulane to educate on media falsehoods…because of course, he did. But Joe Biden’s most prolific work at job creation seems to reside with Kamala Harris.


The announcement was just made that Harris will become the new Head of the National Space Council. One can only assume the HELP WANTED ad included the words, No Experience Necessary.

This…is…remarkable. The woman who cannot find our Southern border will somehow be able to locate our planet’s supernal satellite. Call me dubious.

Yes, this is the woman who has been tasked with the duty to oversee our immigration problem-that-is-not-a-crisis, and to one degree we can say there has been some success. Since she has been designated in that role it appears the condition seems to have improved — entirely due to the press deciding to no longer cover the problem. But this is not the only job that has been delegated to the dilettante from Cali. This past Wednesday she became the recipient of another job title.

During his historic speech to some of Congress, Joe Biden boldly declared that Kamala would be placed in charge of his jobs plan. His rationale for doing so? As he declared obliviously, I am asking the vice president to lead in this effort, because I know it will get done. Really now, Mr. President; based on what, exactly? She has not seen fit to even make her way to Texas, or any other border state, to begin work on the job you bequeathed to her on that front.


One thing that has become obvious in 100 days is that Kamala Harris has developed quite a list of entries on her resume. She has a nice passel of office door headings and an impressive collection of letterheads with her name on them. There is just a significant difference between job titles — and jobs accomplished.


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