Sassy Thomas Massie Destroys Reporter Over "Have You Been Vaccinated?" Question

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

KY Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Sassy) ate his Wheaties this morning. Either that, or he’s been taking a crash course in the Ron DeSantis Method of How to Own Reporters.

Frankly, except for LA Sen. John Kennedy (R-Sage), most all of the Republican Congress could use that course. You have the newer Reps. who do bring the fight, but some of them are neophytes, who come across more caustic than compelling. But at least they’re doing it, and that’s the way you get better at it.

But, Massie and Kennedy, with diametrically different styles, know how to command the space and turn the tables. Kennedy did it this morning on Fox News, with his commentary on China and the WHO, as my colleague Bonchie reported.

And Massie brought it as well. When a reporter asks Massie, “Are you vaccinated?” Here is his response.

WATCH and Learn:

Here are my takeaways:

Massie didn’t accept the premise of her question and let her know it was inappropriate. NO ONE has a right to ask you if you’re vaccinated, and you have the right to tell them so. This reporter posing that question was about as appropriate as asking how was sex with his wife last night.

It’s nobody’s business, but the legacy media, the so-called health officials, and the Tech overlords are trying to use this as an ID marker of who is on board with the program and who is not.

Don’t give them that information unless you choose to, or the satisfaction of thinking it is appropriate to ask for it.

Massie chose to answer her question anyway, but then further owns the reporter by bringing up their favorite buzzword: SCIENCE!

Did you know Thomas Massie has a Masters of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)? Neither did I.

And neither did that reporter—but she knows now.

“I’m not a virologist, but I know how to read data!” Massie intoned. “Everybody just needs to read. And don’t put your head in the sand.”

As Massie’s colleague and fellow statesman KY Sen. Rand Paul put forth (another one who knows how to bring it), if you have had COVID and recovered, the SCIENCE and DATA show that your immunity is just as great, if not better than any vaccine.

So will a vaccine replicate or improve upon that? The jury is still out, which is all Massie is saying. Until the jury renders a scientifically sound verdict—and not an Anthony Fauci prediction—he’ll stick with his reliable, and natural immunity.

I wish the same, but we’re working on it.

Rock on, Sassy Massie.