FAUCI GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: How Fauci Ensured His Life Legacy Was Documented While You Lost Yours

Remember that Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man”? Aliens come to earth with a gigantic book emblazoned with that title, and promise peace through technology and cultural exchange. After groups of earthlings leave for the alien planet, linguists translate the alien language and come to realize that the book is a collection of recipes on how best to serve man. We are the main course to be served as a meal to the aliens, not to advance us as a species.


With the explosive exposure of Fauci’s emails, we now know that this is exactly what Dr. Anthony Fauci did to the American people. But instead of fattening us up, he was weakening us, preparing us for the slaughter, all the while reaping the reward of praise, prestige, television spots, and magazine covers.

Janet Tobias Email, 3-17-2020-Men Serving Men

“Quick updates, we have partnered with Story Syndicate/John Hoffman (who was in charge of First in Human and Alzheimer’s and Obesity projects) on the film about your life. This will help us make sure that next year this film has maximum impact and we carry the message widely of “men serving men” and public health.”

Fauci was “serving man” all right. On a platter.

Americans were forced to put major life events on hold or alter them drastically. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations were postponed, modified, or canceled altogether. I had to mourn my cousin, who died on the operating table, over ZOOM. He died because the surgery to replace his heart valve had to be postponed due to this pandemic. By the time the hospitals were allowed to open to other services, and his surgery was rescheduled, it was too late to do him any good.

Multiply these instances by thousands, on top of the businesses that were shuttered, paychecks that evaporated overnight, and savings that were decimated.


Yet, Fauci got to do “important work”: earn his $400,000 annual paycheck, and plan his legacy to be enshrined on film.

The above screenshot was part of an email dated March 17, 2020, from Janet Tobias, producer and one of the directors of Fauci’s documentary.

Save for South Dakota, Americans listened to Fauci and chose to lock down. Fauci was supposedly spearheading the response to what was alleged to be the most catastrophic virus of our time. Yet, he had plenty of time to arrange to be filmed, conduct interviews, and review and comment on production and director requests for more footage.

The tunnel vision and avarice are quite stunning.

The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) wrote on March 15, 2021;

One year ago, between March 13 and 16, 2020, began what most of us would agree were the most difficult days of our lives. We thought our rights and liberties were more or less secure or could only be hobbled on the margin. We took certain things for granted, such as that our governments would not – and could not – order us to stay home, close most businesses and schools, shut down travel, padlock churches and concert halls, cancel events, much less lock down society in the name of virus control.

All that changed with a federal document issued March 13, 2020, and declassified three months later. It was the lockdown guidelines. Over the following days, governors panicked. People panicked. Bureaucrats were unleashed. All the powers of the state at all levels of society were deployed not on the virus but on the people, which is all that governments can really control. The lockdowns were nearly universal, implemented around the world but for a few holdouts, one of which was in the US (South Dakota).


We thought it was “15 Days to Slow the Spread”; what it turned into was 365 Days for Fauci to complete his documentary.

Starting with that March 17, 2020 email, we learn that the production company filming the documentary had been given access (by the Vice President’s office, no less) to film some Coronavirus Task Force meetings, film Fauci doing his work around the NIH offices, and to and from his commute to work.

Page 2050, Director: Men Serving Men


Janet Tobias Email, 03-23-2020: 15 Minutes of Footage

“Zac and I are here and situated. I know you are drinking through ten firehoses. I want to preserve sleep and health for Dr. Fauci. But it would be fantastic to have a 15 minute video (with distancing) Q and A in the garden of his house or in the house this week–what he is working on just scientifically–vaccines, treatments, disease understanding. I want to capture the focus and urgency of the real time scientific work on COVID-19.”

In this excerpt from a March 23, 2021 email, Tobias is concerned about her subject and his mental health. Shame she was not equally concerned about the physical and mental health of the American people Fauci was supposed to be assisting in navigating the pandemic.

From the AIER piece:

Let’s imagine an alternative scenario in which lockdowns actually did work on one pathogen. Would they be worth it? Public health, as Martin Kulldorff continues to explain, must consider not just one ailment but the whole well-being of the community, not just in the short run but the long run. Even if Covid-19 was controlled via coercion, was it worth it to wreck so many businesses, force missed cancer screenings, keep kids out of school for a year, shatter so many communities that depend on houses of worship, lock people in their homes, and hobble the ability to travel?


The world is in the thick of a global pandemic: industries are shuttering, people are confused, lives are being lost both from the lack of clear guidance on how to treat the virus, as well as suicides, drug overdoses, loneliness from isolation. Yet, Fauci had no qualms about continuing the documentary on his life’s work, while giving out (we now know) questionable directives that adversely affected all of these.

The pure hubris is amazing.

Tobias, in another email requesting access to Fauci, was insistent that she would

“NEVER” ever want to interfere with the work on the Task Force, lives are at stake.

Janet Tobias Email, 04-07-2021: Never Want to Interfere

Lives were indeed at stake; just not the ones Fauci or Tobias had on their radar.

It’s sickening.

Obviously, that year playing “America’s Doctor” allowed the documentary to be completed on schedule, On February 1, 2021, NatGeo Television quietly released a teaser and a press release about the documentary.

An “important and compelling” story about science, public health, and “Men serving Men.


“There is only one Dr. Fauci, and it is an incredible privilege to bring his inspiring, lifelong quest to cure disease and prevent outbreaks, to viewers around the world,” said Hoffman and Tobias. “This film will be an unprecedented, intimate portrait of our nation’s greatest public servant, whose relentless pursuit of truth and devotion to science has never been more important.”

“Dr. Fauci has become a household name because of COVID-19, but what people may not realize is the heroic and integral role he has played in shaping our national response to serious health crises for more than 50 years,” said Carolyn Bernstein, EVP scripted content and documentary films for National Geographic. “We couldn’t ask for better partners than John, Janet, Dan and Liz to bring audiences this inside look at the man behind the legacy, and we hope his remarkable story will inspire a new generation to pursue public service with the same commitment and verve.”

The film is directed by John Hoffman and Janet Tobias, who have spent their careers telling important and compelling stories about science and public health.

All who lost because of this craven quack would beg to differ.



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