Rep. Thomas Massie Says Enough! With Pelosi's Rule Requiring Masks on the House Floor

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Practically every member of the House of Representatives has either had COVID-19 or has been vaccinated. The Kabuki Theater of the masks with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional leadership has been laughable.


Here’s Schemin’ Schumer attempting to look leaderly for the signing of the American Rescue Plan, but his mask is not covering his nostrils.

Virus Outbreak Congress

And Madam Speaker Cruella might as well make this one a neck scarf:

Nancy Pelosi

Well, KY Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Sassy) has decided to call them out, burn them, and figuratively burn the mask:

No lie there, and not just the House leaders. Many Democrats have been caught either ditching the mask when they thought no one was looking or mocking the mandate when they thought the cameras were not rolling.

Pelosi enacted this mask rule back in June of 2020, but added the financial penalty in January 2021, after three Democrat lawmakers tested positive for COVID-19, and blamed their Republican colleagues who refused to wear masks. This is despite the fact that members of the House and the Senate are constantly tested. This is also despite the fact that WI Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Reckless) tested positive for COVID in late December but still chose to join her colleagues in person for the Speaker of the House vote.

As I said, Kabuki Theater.

The House is set to adopt a rule Tuesday night fining lawmakers hundreds of dollars if they refuse to wear a face mask on the floor.

They will face a $500 fine the first time they break the rule, and $2,500 the second time. The money will be deducted from their pay.

It appears Massie and a few of his cohorts don’t really care about the ding to their pocketbook. With Massie’s reputation of principles over position or money, this is definitely legitimate.


Massie is a big believer in Constitutional freedoms and individual liberties, so he is setting as much of a precedent as Pelosi is with parading around with her masks coordinated to her outfits whenever she is on camera. She plays to her base, and Massie plays to his. The number of representatives who are also fed up seems to be growing, as TX Rep. Chip Roy (R-Dauntless) just tweeted that he was joining in the fun.

Some constituents still think it’s clown world:

While others understand that Massie does nothing without consideration or conviction.


Massie successfully cast his vote, and the number of Mask-free Representatives grew to 10.

Stay Sassy, Thomas. Stay Sassy.


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