Left Loses Its Mind Over Video of Kids in Idaho Burning Masks on the Steps of the Capitol

AP Photo/Eric Gay

A couple of hundred folks showed up on the steps of the capitol in Idaho to speak out against masks. Kids participated in burning masks.


One of the organizers, Darr Moon, said it wasn’t a protest but a gathering against government overreach to “re-establish our Republican form of government, a government that has balance between the branches. And, uh, we were kind of that belief that we need a well-defined government and certain boundaries, and that’s not what we have today.” There were reportedly a couple of hundred people out including three Republican lawmakers, including the lieutenant governor. Many displayed signs reading “I will not self-suffocate.”

The state has not had a mask mandate but obviously there still can be local or business mandates. Last week Idaho legislators introduced a bill to make mask mandates illegal. There are mask mandates in seven out of 11 Idaho counties, according to the Associated Press.

This follows other states like Texas and Mississippi moving to eliminate restrictions and mandates.

The video of the kids burning the masks infuriated folks on the left. Some even compared it to book burning even as the left has tried to cancel all kinds of things including books and it isn’t even anything like burning books.


How far gone are people? Apparently burning masks is racism and bigotry.

The same folks didn’t seem to have an issue with actual book burning by the BLM/Antifa in Portland.


The science in Idaho?

Idaho has flattened the curve for months, according to Worldometers. They have a low death count in terms of raw numbers, per state at 1898 as of today’s statistics.

Joe Biden has called states ‘Neanderthals’ for opening up and/or eliminating restrictions. But his own people threw those restrictions under the bus when it came to migrant facilities, stating that they would be allowing facilities to go to 100% capacity, despite social distancing guidelines.


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