GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Has Pelosi One Move From a Checkmate on Following the Science on Masks

The Democrats knighted themselves as the “party of science” but now that the people they deemed the scientific authorities on all things COVID have announced that the vaccinated can take their masks off indoors, the Democrats are suddenly fighting their beloved science.


For instance, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to lift the mask mandate in the House for the vaccinated and GOP  Rep. Nancy Mace is calling her out on it and pushing her to lift the mask mandate.

In an open letter to Pelosi, 34 House GOP representatives sent a letter to Pelosi saying she needs to allow the House “to immediately return to normal voting procedures and end mandatory mask requirements in the House of Representatives.”

Appearing on Fox News, Mace said that the CDC is finally catching up with the basic science that Republican leaders already knew and yet despite this, Pelosi is doubling down on the COVID-19 requirements for “safety” such as double masks and social distancing.

“It’s not the right message to send Americans,” said Mace. “We need to be encouraging vaccinations and show what that post-vax life looks like.”

When asked how ridiculous Pelosi would look for not doing so, Mace made it clear that Pelosi was looking more and more ridiculous every day as it was.

“She looks ridiculous more and more every day and the mask mandate is an example of that,” said Mace.


“This is a time to show leadership in our country,” Mace added. “We’re not getting it from Nancy Pelosi. We need to show that our kids can be safe in schools, that parents can have a say whether their kids should wear masks.”

Mace said the first place in America that would likely achieve herd immunity is right in the halls of Congress due to a mixture of vaccinated people or having already had it and have antibodies, furthering her argument that Congress needs to lead the way on pushing a post-vax world where safety measures are no longer needed for Americans.

Mace and the GOP aren’t just right about leading Americans into a world where COVID-19 is no longer a concern, they’re putting the entire Democrat Party’s claim that they’re the party of science to the test. It was Democrats proclaiming that their adherence to CDC guidelines and Fauci’s directions was all about being scientifically responsible, yet now that it requires letting go of power, the Democrats have ditched science.

The GOP has been the actual follower of the science since the beginning, releasing states from lockdowns and lifting mask mandates when it was clear that doing so wouldn’t change a thing. They were proven right, and even then, the Democrats continued draconian lockdown measures that hurt American citizens in a myriad of ways.


But now the CDC has issued guidelines that the Democrats don’t like and the GOP should “pounce and seize” on this opportunity to expose the Democrats as the party of anti-science once and for all. This letter to Pelosi is a good start, and as Pelosi continues to deny lifting the mandate, GOP should hammer the message home that Democrats are about power, not facts, and definitely not science.



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