US Secy. of Labor Marty Walsh Is a Liar, Doing Biden's and Big Labor's Bidding

Former Boston mayor and current United States Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is the Hilda Solis of the Biden administration. Hilda fulfilled the U.S. Secretary of Labor role under Obama during his first term, and is a unionista who enriches herself with sweetheart deals that allow her to infiltrate and inculcate more Union dogma and policy into government. Currently, she’s infecting the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and has done untold damage. She’s highly paid in order to inflict that damage, and so is Marty Walsh.


Which is why he is the perfect person to be installed as Secretary of Labor. Biden and the Unions are slathering to have the “Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO Act)” shoved into law. This would be the first, brutal step in changing the national labor laws and regulations to suit their agenda of Union-only jobs, and destroy the independent contractor model.

Shorter: Walsh could not care less about the independent professional or working people at all.

From Reuters:

A lot of gig workers in the United States should be classified as “employees” who deserve work benefits, President Biden’s labor secretary said on Thursday, suggesting a shift in policy that is likely to raise costs for companies that depend on contractors such as Uber (UBER.N) and Lyft (LYFT.O).

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, a son of Irish immigrants and a former union member, has been expected to boost the Biden Administration’s efforts to expand workers’ protections and deliver a win for the country’s organized labor movement.

“We are looking at it but in a lot of cases gig workers should be classified as employees… in some cases they are treated respectfully and in some cases they are not and I think it has to be consistent across the board,” Walsh told Reuters in an interview, expressing his view on the topic for the first time.

“These companies are making profits and revenue and I’m not (going to) begrudge anyone for that because that’s what we are about in America. But we also want to make sure that success trickles down to the worker,” he said.


His record against the people of the state of Massachusetts, suffering from a stagnant job market and needing work, has proven this.

Mike Hruby knows this for fact. Massachusetts has the same ABC Test that resides in the PRO Act embedded in its hiring, and has essentially destroyed the independent contractor model in the state.

When the Internet expanded to the point where employment and hiring was rapidly moving online, Hruby wrote in 2014:

Unlike other states, Massachusetts law stipulates that no company anywhere in the world can sign up with a Massachusetts resident to do independent contracting work if that work is in the buyer’s “usual course of business.”

For example, law firms can’t contract out for legal work, and accountants can’t contract out for accounting work. The hottest opportunity for job growth in Massachusetts in more than 20 years — maybe the hottest since the minicomputer days — is not only outlawed, but offending buyers run the risk of being assessed triple damages without a jury trial.

And on Twitter, Hruby called Walsh out for his duplicity.


“Marty, are you REALLY going to destroy 32 million moms’ ability to work flexible hours self-employed at higher pay?”

Yep, Marty is. Because Walsh is paid by his Union overlords, and now installed in a position where he can do their bidding. Republican and Democrat senators confirmed this Manchurian Candidate, and did a great disservice to 59 million American, independent professionals.

Walsh’s interest is vested in taking what happened in Massachusetts national with the PRO Act. Besides Massachusetts, California’s AB5, brought to us by the egregious Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-Corrupt), was a test run. If you have heard or seen the horrible fallout from this law, every person in the rest of the 48 states needs to raise an outcry and counter Walsh’s lies.

There should be nothing on record: whether it is a “test” or a supposed piece of legislation that “helps” small business, that requires an independent contractor to prove its “right” to be one. Convince me that you deserve to work? That is fascist evil that needs to be called out. The fact that the PRO Act even is allowed to be voted into law is an attack on our freedom as American citizens.


We are still fighting the battle here in California to get rid of AB5 and its effects. If Americans do not wake up, and counter the U.S. Labor Secretary’s false agenda, our fight will mean nothing; because by then, it will be a nationwide war.

If the PRO Act is voted in and goes to all 50 states, where will there be to go?

Write, call, email Walsh and your senators, and let them know this attack on freedoms, and livelihoods, as well as the American economy cannot stand.



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