New Video Breaks Down the Nightmare That Is the PRO Act

New Video Breaks Down the Nightmare That Is the PRO Act
(AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

You’ve probably heard about the PRO Act but have been told by the leftist media, politicians, and activists that it’s here to make sure that workers are protected and given fair wages. I’m here to tell you that its real intent is actually a sinister way to empower unions and keep Democrats in power for ages.

This awful piece of legislation that has already passed the House takes serious measures that would destroy the jobs and lives of millions of Americans around the country by forcing them into unions where they will pay dues they never wanted to pay to maintain a membership they never wanted to have.

But it gets even darker than that.

Click on the video below and I’ll give you a quick fill-in on the PRO Act and what it means for you and this country. Be sure to like and subscribe!

(RedState has covered PROAct and its predecessor, California’s AB5, extensively. Check out all of our coverage here.)

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