Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 83: The 'Border Rush, Bad Trip, and PRO Act for Actors' Edition

There are topics I don’t like to speak casually about. I can write about them, and talk about them in serious policy debate, but I’ll avoid discussing them over dinner in mixed company the same way some people avoid talking about religion or politics.


The border and illegal immigration is one of those topics.

Because it requires such a balance of opinions. It involves a humane discussion of the livelihoods of actual human beings and only someone bereft of humanity could forget that seeking a better life is both noble and good. But there are, of course, other issues related to what illegal immigration does to the people already in a country — both native born and those there legally — and how mass immigration all at once puts enormous pressure on existing tax systems, employment, and resources.

Not to mention the debate over whether or not immigration itself is a useful political tool that all too often is used in a way that doesn’t take either of the above into consideration.

But I broke my rule and talked rather casually about it today because of the video below Rep. Steve Scalise posted to Twitter showing what was happening at the Texas border.


So, tread cautiously. I also recap what’s going on with the MLB/All-Star game decision (not looking good for Stacey Abrams), and how the Biden infrastructure plan — now with more PRO Act — isn’t guaranteed to keep his Hollywood donors very happy (or anyone else who’s not looking to just pay off the unions).

It’s a full, wonky show. So I balance it out with some low-brow humor by reviewing the delightful “Bad Trip” (trailer below), which isn’t going to wow you with it’s sophistication but will make you laugh and feel a little better about how people can be good sometimes. Get in.

[Language warning on this trailer, for sure.]

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