Addiction and Homelessness Expert Dr. Drew Not Good Enough for L.A.'s Homeless Commission

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Despite his media presence and unorthodox social media platform, Dr. Drew is a practicing internist (he still sees patients), and an expert on addiction; he also gives some key insights on mental illness, and often has other medical experts on his show to discuss these concerns. Dr. Drew has spent the past few years speaking out about the Los Angeles homeless crisis, even going to Downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row to interview, treat, and give greater voice to the horrible conditions that people of all ages are suffering under, and to point to potential solutions that could bring resolution to this blight on this once great city.


So, you would think he would be a clear and credible choice to head the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a 10-member commission created by State and local officials to address the challenges of an increasingly rampant and dangerous homeless population.

In 2020, 1,383 people experiencing homelessness died in Los Angeles County. This is an increase from the 1,267 homeless who died in 2019. Homelessness increased over 16 percent within that year, and an increased number of this population are elderly. It’s a true crisis that Dr. Drew has spoken about cogently, clearly, and with solutions that, if implemented, could do much to mitigate the circumstances and causes that lead to homelessness.

But the people who stake their pocketbooks and reputations on the crisis continuing were “concerned” about this type of person being recommended for the role.

From Yahoo! News:

Dr. David Drew Pinsky, more commonly known as Dr. Drew, was recommended by 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger, the only Republican on the five-member board, for the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a 10-member commission appointed by city and county elected officials.

Barger said she nominated Pinsky because he’ll bring a “fresh perspective” to the commission with his vast medical experience and passion for mental health.

But critics pounced, saying Pinsky promotes ill-formed and harmful views, including an enforcement-focused approach to homelessness like that seen at Echo Park Lake.

Pinsky made headlines last April after making a series of remarks over a two-month period that were skeptical of COVID-19, comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu and calling the pandemic a “press-induced panic.” He eventually apologized.

The remarks were part of a larger trend with Pinsky, said Mark Horvath, founder of nonprofit Invisible People.

“Even on a surface level, why are you [appointing] a celebrity doctor — and I use the term ‘doctor’ loosely — that has recent activity with being a COVID denier?” said Horvath, who launched his homeless advocacy group in 2008.


Oh… so not only is he a “celebrity doctor” (though he still actually sees and treats patients, as opposed to Dr. Fauci and a few others I could name), but he’s a <clutch the pearls> “Covid denier.” Oh, the humanity!

More activists raised their voices in protests, and along with jamming the L.A. Board of Supervisors emails and comment boxes, took to Twitter to voice their outrage, and disdain for Dr. Drew and the potential of his “toxic voice of misinformation” being a part of the problem solving the commission is supposed to spearhead:


As if on cue, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors caved. The majority of this Board is living proof of the ability to dine out on your reputation and positions without ever accomplishing anything of usefulness or import, just as the so-called homeless activists do; so this decision comes as no surprise.

District 5 Board of Supervisor Kathryn’s Barger’s statement:

“I knew that Dr. Drew would bring a new, forward-thinking approach and would help us address mental health and substance abuse as driving factors in the ongoing homelessness crisis. Unfortunately, the proposed appointment took away from these important conversations about care for people experiencing homelessness.”

Sadly, the chattering class see this as a victory:


It’s “shudder.”

Then there’s the racial equity canard. Apparently, you can only address homelessness in Los Angeles if you’re of a particular racial makeup. POC ONLY. WHITES NEED NOT APPLY:

Say what you will about this “white man,” but he brought fresh insight and ideas on treating underlying causes, not pouring billions of dollars into triage and bandaids.

Speaking of bandaids, “Homeless Activists,” how is pouring all that money into those tents and modular campers working?


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