What Could Go Wrong? Dallas Launches Database for Businesses Still Requiring Masks

What Could Go Wrong? Dallas Launches Database for Businesses Still Requiring Masks
AP Photo/Eric Gay

In my piece on Nevada’s Democrat Socialists of America takeover of the Democrat Party in  the State, I gave this warning about Texas:

“With the full opening of the state and the lifting of any mask mandates, Texas businesses who are choosing to not maintain mask requirements for their establishments will now become the focus of harassment.”

Now the City of Dallas thinks that this is a good idea:

“Mayor Eric Johnson asked the city’s Office of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to create a database where businesses could register their own rules.

“ ‘It is critical that we make informed decisions and stay on guard as we strive to reach herd immunity,’ Johnson says. ‘This database will benefit businesses and provide a centralized resource for the people of Dallas as we continue our fight against this deadly virus.’

“ ‘There are a lot of restaurants that are still going to require you to wear a mask,’ says Dallas City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano. ‘Those are the ones I’ll be frequenting.’ ”

Well, bully for you! Some of us don’t see the usefulness in wearing a face diaper to be seated, then taking off the face diaper when you’re seated in order to give the masked wait staff your order, and then to be served and eat. Do any COVID germs magically disappear when you’re seated, and then reappear on the way into and out of the restaurant?

It’s all theater.

“Medrano says businesses are still struggling, so a searchable database can help people feel comfortable going to a restaurant or store.”

Basically, the City of Dallas is doing what Democrats want to do with gun owners: create a database of people they can target and eventually confiscate their guns. The City of Dallas is creating a map of businesses that the Democrat Socialists of America and every other Mask Ken and Karen can target. Fail to register? Why you’re definitely a mask denier and may need some re-education. Register and someone doesn’t follow the mask requirement you claim to uphold? A lawsuit is sure to follow.

Thomas Marchetti, my Twitter follower who alerted me to this story, escaped California for Texas years ago. Now he is watching the Californianization of Texas in real time. When Democrats decide to take over, you can kiss your freedoms goodbye.

“Every big city in Texas is controlled by the Democrat Left. El Paso’s GOP mayor lost his re-election in November. Texas Dems currently are on this mask jihad. Austin is passing their own mask laws to defy Abbott’s order. Dallas is looking into requiring masks when on city sidewalks/street.”

These liberal cities are determined to resist, even if the resistance makes absolutely no sense. No one is telling you to not wear a mask. Businesses can choose to enforce their own mask mandates. It’s about offering choice and freedom. And what has that come to? the Texas Attorney General threatening to sue the City of Austin because it refuses to lift its mask mandate. You cannot make this stuff up.

This is what happens when people make politics their religion. You don’t actually follow science—you follow whatever your preferred political voices say is the science. The near-evangelistic fervor of enforcing masks when there is no science that confirms masks actually do anything to stop the spread of COVID pretty much proves this.

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