Shades of the Biden Crime Family: Possible Conflict of Interest with Son-in-Law Dr. Howard Krein

Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Another member of the Biden crime family comes to the forefront. Dr. Howard Krein, husband of Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, is coming under fresh scrutiny for his investment in a health care company that is involved in the coronavirus vaccine effort.


Hari Prasad, CEO of Yosi Health, created a software program that streamlined the process for COVID-19 vaccines. Prasad sought help from one of his company’s first investors, StartUp Health. All sounds legit, right? However, Dr. Krein is the chief medical officer at StartUp Health.

According to ABC News,

“During the 2020 presidential campaign, attention on the Biden family focused largely on his son, Hunter Biden. But experts say it is the president’s son-in-law who could present fresh ethical challenges for the new administration.

“ ‘Howard Krein is playing with fire,’ said Meredith McGehee, the executive director of Issue One, a nonpartisan ethics watchdog group. ‘If he gets too close to that flame – if he is trying to either cash in on his relationship with the president, or he is trying to influence policy – the flame is going to get him. And it is not worth it to him or to Biden.’ ”

When Ashley Biden was set to wed Dr. Krein in 2012, ABC wrote a puff piece, practically asserting that Dr. Krein walked on water; so, this bit of accidental journalism is a refreshing turn of events. Of course, the article soon devolves into making excuses for Biden, and asserting how he needs to “regain the trust” of the American people after all the backroom dealing, corruption, and ethical violations that were rampant throughout the Trump administration.

For the four years of the Trump administration, and especially during the 2020 election cycle, practically every legacy media outlet ran pieces on how Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were capitalizing on their access to the Oval Office and that their work with the White House was a conflict of interest.


Despite legacy media and tech’s suppression, when the October surprise of the Hunter Biden laptop story broke, the Daily Beast (as did most legacy media) jumped to debunk the story, raising the specter of Ivanka and Jared as proof that Trump’s children are the truly corrupt ones, and Biden’s family should be left alone.

“But where is the discussion and investigation into the various conflicts of interest and possible illegality that involves Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who appears to have greatly profited from being a part of this White House? And these aren’t new allegations raised to be a political counterbalance to the recent ones against Hunter.

“Rather, as documented by the non-partisan watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW), Ivanka’s unethical conduct dates back to early 2017 and ranges from her receiving trademarks from the Chinese government while her father was in talks with the Chinese president to a complaint filed by CREW in January 2019 with the Department of Justice to assess if Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner violated federal law by profiting from a tax program they had championed.”

Save for ABC News, The New York Post, and the Daily Mail UK, there has been no reporting on Dr. Krein’s glaring conflict of interest. Definitely something that Raggedy Jen Psaki would have to “circle back” on.

During the Biden campaign, Dr. Krein acted as an unofficial advisor to his father-in-law on potential pandemic response plans. Even then StartUp Health was setting up investments geared toward tailor-made products for the pandemic response.


“Now, with Biden in office, Krein’s involvement with StartUp Health has prompted more tough questions, ethicists and tech industry experts told ABC News. Among them: Should Krein advise companies backed by StartUp Health in their efforts to win lucrative government contracts? Should he weigh in with his father-in-law on policy decisions that may benefit those companies? And will he obtain sensitive government information that may help inform investment decisions?”

It is also interesting that ethicists and tech experts suddenly have concerns. Last we checked, Hunter Biden is still under FBI investigation, and there are still no answers to that laptop that the legacy media worked  hard to suppress information about in order to help Biden take the Oval Office.

Daniel Greenfield wrote in FrontPage Mag:

“Joe Biden has a Hunter Biden problem. A pretty big one.

“Big Tech suppressed the Hunter Biden story and a lot of social media conservatives drift from one trend to another. There’s still an FBI investigation of Hunter Biden, but even if his dad weren’t in the White House, the odds of the feds doing anything other than what they did with the investigation of Bernie Sander’s wife or Hillary Clinton’s emails is slim to none. But even with the media running cover for Hunter Biden, there’s a whole range of awkward material about him out there.

“That’s not as big a problem for Joe, as it is for Hunter, because the business model of the Biden clan depends on him.”


Here at RedState, we have written about Biden’s sketchy brothers Frank and James, and even back in the days of the Obama-Biden administration my colleague Stu Cvrk documented the laundry list of Biden corruption that is a mile wide, and hip waders deep here, here, and here.

It is amazing that in 47 years of politics, Joe Biden, let alone his very compromised family, continues to not only skirt scrutiny, but actual investigation.


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