Biden Family Corruption: Lawsuit Against James Biden Implicates Big Brother Joe

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Could the five decades of Biden family corruption and nepotism finally catch up to them? We know that Hunter is flailing in his paternity lawsuit in Arkansas and is about to get subpoenaed by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to testify about his Burisma dealings.


Now we learn that Joe Biden’s younger brother, James, faces a brace of new lawsuits. Shannon Bream introduced a Fox News correspondent with details of the story on her program last night. Here is what was said:

Bream: There are new questions for Joe Biden involving a family member. A Politico report reveals allegations of possible fraud involving James Biden, the candidate’s younger brother. Politico reports that James Biden’s business with medical companies has led to allegations he potentially engaged in fraud and traded on his brother’s name. Biden and the other defendants deny any wrong-doing.

(From the graphic depicted: “James Biden’s health care ventures face a growing legal morass. A mysterious FBI raid. New allegation from former executives. Questions area swirling about the business dealings of Joe Biden’s brother.”)

Here is Garrett Tenney who is investigating this story and more.

Tenney: These new allegations claimed James Biden promised medical companies his last name in hopes that his political connections could open doors and help them land major deals and investments – investments that never came. In January the FBI raided a hospital in Western Pennsylvania linked to James Biden. The rural hospital is on of several run by the healthcare provider Americore Health. Former executives at the company say Biden first became involved in Americore in 2017, promising to help solve their financial woes by using his political connections to secure a major investment from the Middle East. One former executive, Tom Pritchard, told Politico, “He could get us in front of the unions. He could get us in front of certain people in government. He could get us in front of the right people.”

Biden did help the company secure a short-term loan, but Pritchard says in return that Biden got a $650,000 loan from the company, which was never repaid. [Biden reportedly worked with Americore CEO Grant White to secure a bridge loan, a short-term loan backed by the promise of longer-term financing. But the promised money from Middle Eastern financiers never arrived, and Biden has yet to repay the loan, Pritchard said.] And those major investments never came. Biden also allegedly promised medical service companies that his older brother, the former vice president, would promote their healthcare models as part of his 2020 campaign.

Two of those companies are now suing James Biden and Americore in federal court over an alleged scheme to drive the companies out of business and steal their business models. And Biden campaign officials say Joe never discussed Americore with his brother or expressed support for the business. But the elder Biden did meet Americore’s founder at a 2017 fundraiser for the Bo Biden foundation, though the Biden campaign official said, “If the two interacted in any way, it would have been a handshake and nothing more.” James Biden and Americore have denied the allegations against them, but in a recent court filing, the two companies suing them said they have received a massive amount of new evidence implicating Biden, and they claim to introduce it in the coming weeks.


End of Tenney’s report. Does anybody really believe that Joe Biden met Americore’s founder and didn’t have a conversation with him, or that his brother made no mention of his dealings with Americore and didn’t ask brother Joe for help? Please. This is standard operating procedure in the Biden family, and has been for decades. This Americore caper is not the first shady James Biden deal in which he attempted to trade on his brother Joe’s political connections. In fact, that is a family stock in trade, as detailed in Peter Schweizer’s book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite. Schweizer was interviewed some weeks ago by Mark Levin and had this to say about James Biden:

Schweizer: … James Biden, for example, his brother. In November 2010, this old-time Biden family friend, Kevin Justice, who grew up in Delaware with Joe Biden’s kids, starts this construction company called Hillstone [Hillstone International LLC]. He goes to the White House in 2010, meets Joe Biden in Biden’s office, according to White House visitor logs. We don’t know what was discussed; it was the only time he ever visited the White House. But three weeks after that meeting, [Justice] appoints James Biden as the executive vice president of his construction company. He did not [have any construction experience]; in fact, on the company bio, which is no longer up [on the internet], they said that his skill was that he was comfortable in the corridors of political power. And of course, you’re very comfortable when your father is the second-most powerful man in the world.

But that’s just the beginning of the story. About six months after James Biden becomes the vice president, this company gets a contract from the federal government to build 100,000 homes in Iraq. It’s about a billion-and-a-half dollar contract. They get a $22M contract with the State Department; they get legions of other federal contracts. That’s the kind of thing you see repeated over and over with the Bidens, and it’s all about the timing. These things occur when Joe Biden is pulling the strings of governmental power at this time.


The dirty little secret is that all five members of the Biden family have been involved in this corruption/nepotism and have traded on family frontman Joe’s political clout for decades. Schweizer went on:

[W]e found five Bidens involved in these sweetheart deals. That is all of the siblings and his living children … so it’s all five Biden family members – nobody has been left out. So Frank Biden starts doing deals in Costa Rica shortly after Joe Biden visits the country in spring 2009. Joe Biden comes down and talks with [Costa Rican] President Óscar Arias about providing aid and cooperation. Within months, Frank Biden has a deal with the Costa Rican power company; he has meetings with the president of Costa Rica, with government ministers. He’s setting up an energy company. … He has no background in energy whatsoever. He is also involved in an energy project in Jamaica. He actually gets the power purchasing agreements on a solar project in Jamaica that is financed with $47 million of US taxpayer money in the form of guaranteed loans. Again, no background in renewable energy. Multiple examples. This is all occurring simultaneously with Hunter Biden doing his deals in China and Ukraine, and other family members are engaging in this behavior as well.

There is a 44-page chapter in Schweizer’s book that details decades of Biden family corruption. The fact that so few Americans – and even fewer Democrat primary voters – know the score is a travesty and just another indication of how the legacy media protect Democrats. While they are busy minimize Joe’s gaffes, there are far more important issues that they are also covering up – like Biden family corruption and nepotism.


The end.


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