Peter Schweizer Details Biden Family Corruption for Mark Levin

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks with reporters after a campaign stop at Lindy's Diner in Keene N.H., Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Mark Levin hosts “Life, Liberty and Levin” show on Fox News Channel on Saturday nights. Last Saturday, he interviewed Peter Schweizer, author of the new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite. Much of the interview provided amazing details on Biden family corruption. Here are some excerpts from that interview:


Levin: Tremendous book. Your books are important because they break news. Your books are important because they’re in-depth. You have an enormous number of end-notes in this book. … I am stunned by what you have to write about a number of these Progressives, including Biden. Biden’s been in public office since he was about 4 years old. He’s never done anything else. … And you dig this information out like you dug information out of Burisma. First of all, why is that? Why is it with all of these massive newsrooms – these conglomerates – billions of dollars, enormous research staffs – that they don’t dig this information out and you do.

Schweizer: Great question; I don’t know. I think part of it is bias; part of it is news organizations don’t have the resources to do this digging. I mean, some of these Biden stories took seven months of research and hard work. But overall, with a few exceptions, the reality is that most news organizations have zero curiosity about this. They’re not even interested in following up to see how the patterns of these transactions take place. Everything in the book is based on paper trails; there are no anonymous sources. They can replicate the information … so it’s not that hard to do. There just seems to be a lack of curiosity in doing so.

Me: Schweizer is being gracious to the news organizations because he of course would like to be invited by them to discuss his book. In fact, in his own book on page 9, he noted that Bob Woodward at the Washington Post publicly stated that they had “20 people working on Trump,” so it’s not a question of resources; it’s a question of political motivations or lack thereof when it comes to investigating Progressives. What Schweizer really meant to say is that the legacy media have a vested interest in protecting Progressive politicians, as their newsrooms are infested with Democrat operatives and political activists who are hard a work advancing progressive Democrat causes. One of their primary duties has been to bury everything about the Bidens’ corruption by claiming that “there’s no evidence of corruption,” “it’s been investigated and debunked,” and “no one has accused them of criminal conduct.” All of which are patently false statements.


Levin: You don’t just talk about Hunter Biden, who you broke the story about Burisma before your book. Five Bidens! It’s like a whole family of corrupt Bidens. What did you find?

Schweizer: There are two sides to Joe Biden. Let me begin with a small illustration that proves the point. Joe Biden has been seen as the “Amtrak senator” – a guy who is a regular guy that gets on the Amtrak train and will go home to Delaware. That’s absolutely true. But, it our research, what we found from local newspaper accounts in Delaware is, he not only did that. If he was running late, he would call Amtrak and them hold the train, so yes, he was “Regular Joe Amtrak,” but if he wanted to pull strings for his benefit, he would do so.

Levin: He knew somebody on the Amtrak board.

Schweizer: Exactly! His son was put on the board. Now we talk about the five Bidens. We know about Hunter, but there’s new material about Hunter in the book (7 pages long). Some of the other ones are very interesting. James Biden, for example, his brother. In November 2010, this old-time Biden family friend, Kevin Justice, who grew up in Delaware with Joe Biden’s kids, starts this construction company called Hillstone [Hillstone International LLC]. He goes to the White House in 2010, meets Joe Biden in Biden’s office, according to White House visitor logs. We don’t know what was discussed; it was the only time he ever visited the White House. But three weeks after that meeting, [Justice] appoints James Biden as the executive vice president of his construction company. He did not [have any construction experience]; in fact, on the company bio, which is no longer up [on the internet], they said that his skill was that he was comfortable in the corridors of political power. And of course, you’re very comfortable when your father is the second-most powerful man in the world.

But that’s just the beginning of the story. About six months after James Biden becomes the vice president, this company gets a contract from the federal government to build 100,000 homes in Iraq. It’s about a billion-and-a-half dollar contract. They get a $22M contract with the State Department; they get legions of other federal contracts. That’s the kind of thing you see repeated over and over with the Bidens, and it’s all about the timing. These things occur when Joe Biden is pulling the strings of governmental power at this time.


Me: Don’t forget that Biden was the point man on Iraq policy for Obama. He was the top decision-maker, and laundering taxpayer funded Iraqi reconstruction dollars to politically-connected companies is standard operating procedure, or as described in his book, a “business model” consisting of identifiable methods, including sweetheart deals, income generation, bending the law, legislation, and publicity, all of which are used to facilitate rampant corruption among the political class in Washington, DC.

Levin: He always says, “I don’t know anything about it … my son, my brother … I don’t know anything about these things.”

Schweizer: Let me give you an example where it’s undeniable of the role he played. In June of 2011, these two executives from a new company called StartUp Health go to the Oval Office. Joe Biden ushers them in to meet with Barack Obama. StartUp Health is a healthcare investment company; they barely have a website, they don’t have a business plan, they’ve just been launched, they’re meeting with the President of the United States, they have their pictures taken, they put it on the website. The next day, they are a centerpiece of this federal conference – this Obama Administration conference – on healthcare data. Over the next five years, Vice President Joe Biden regularly goes to StartUp Health’s private meetings and updates investors and partners on Obama Administration healthcare policies. Now the fact that I’ve left out is one of the three principals involved in the company is married to Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden. There is an absolute case where he is using government resources, government influence, government information, for the benefit of a family member’s business. If you imagine that the Trumps had done that, there would be outrage – I would be outraged. But they haven’t done that, and the Bidens have. You can look at his brother Frank. ….

Levin (interrupting): How many Bidens are there?

Schweizer: Well, we found five Bidens involved in these sweetheart deals. That is all of the siblings and his living children … so it’s all five Biden family members – nobody has been left out. So Frank Biden starts doing deals in Costa Rica shortly after Joe Biden visits the country in spring 2009. Joe Biden comes down and talks with [Costa Rican] President Óscar Arias about providing aid and cooperation. Within months, Frank Biden has a deal with the Costa Rican power company; he has meetings with the president of Costa Rica, with government ministers. He’s setting up an energy company. … He has no background in energy whatsoever. He is also involved in an energy project in Jamaica. He actually gets the power purchasing agreements on a solar project in Jamaica that is financed with $47 million of US taxpayer money in the form of guaranteed loans. Again, no background in renewable energy. Multiple examples. This is all occurring simultaneously with Hunter Biden doing his deals in China and Ukraine, and other family members are engaging in this behavior as well.

Levin: At least in part, one of the reasons why they’re jumping up and down about [allegations of President Trump] interfering in the election with Biden is to protect Biden …

Schweizer: Yeah, I think so. To me, I don’t understand how you’re interfering in an election when you’re basically showing the commercial ties and the corrupt activities of somebody who may run for president. That’s what the media is supposed to do. It’s not interfering in the election to follow the money as it relates to other candidates, so I am sort of mystified as to why the Bidens apparently are supposed to get special favor. By the way, a special favor that I don’t even quite think they gave to the Clintons. In the case of the Clintons, they were at least willing from time to time to go there. With the Bidens, there is a complete lack of interest in a lot of people in the media to even actually go there and explain to readers, “here is what we know, here is how much they were paid, here are the deals that they got, ….”

Levin: Because he’s their guy to beat Trump. So they take the victim, Trump, who has been under constant investigation, including this impeachment farce that we’re now watching. They don’t say THAT interfered with the election. They take the victim, and they turn him into the provocateur, or what have you. And when it comes to Biden, no touch.

Schweizer: Yes.


That ended the Q&A on Biden family corruption. Even just those summary details discussed in the interview are shocking and should have been publicized long ago!

Chapter 3 of Schweizer’s book provides 45 pages on Biden family corruption, the center of which is Joe Biden. Their corrupt activities would not have been possible without Joe Biden, the front-man, and his ability to leverage political power and taxpayer resources for 50 years. Yet, Iowa voters are going to caucus tonight without any idea about Biden’s personal role in this blatant nepotism. The legacy media are willfully blind – and indeed are abrogating their constitutional responsibility to speak truth to power – by obfuscating and refusing to cover the Bidens’ massive corruption.

The end.


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