IN MY ORBIT: An Open Conversation With CABIA's Tom Manzo on AB5 and the Future of the Independent Professional

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

The California Business & Industrial Alliance (CABIA) founder, Tom Manzo, first heard of PAGA — the Private Attorney General Act — when his mid-sized manufacturing business was hit with a PAGA lawsuit at the end of 2016. Craven labor attorneys can cherry-pick out of over 1,000 plus pages of the California Labor Code to file lawsuits without legitimate basis, and have been successful in bankrupting mom and pop concerns across the State.


Manzo created CABIA to combat the evils of PAGA, and Manzo has been on board with the fight against AB5, the so-called gig workers law that has destroyed the livelihood of thousands of freelance, independent professionals, and self-employed in California.

Manzo invited me on his “The California Labor Law Odyssey” podcast. We discussed my life as an independent professional and all the hats I wear under my umbrella corporation As the Girl Turns. I delved into how AB5 has affected me personally, and my articles on the California State University Hastings School of Law professor Veena Dubal and her role in crafting AB5, alongside the California Labor Federation. We also discussed what small businesses need in order to succeed in California.

We are less than 100,000 signatures away from securing a Recall election to remove Gavin Newsom as Governor of the state.‘s lead Mike Netter had this to say:


“The success of this Recall will trigger an open a conversation on how California should be run.”

There also needs to be an open conversation about how California treats the revenue and employment generators in the state, and how laws can be repealed, legitimate ones enforced, and new ones crafted that support and aid businesses’ success, and not their demise.



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