AOC Sends Out the Flying Monkeys to Obfuscate Her Lies

AOC Sends Out the Flying Monkeys to Obfuscate Her Lies
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After my colleague Nick Arama’s killer piece on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Gaslighter) rearranging facts to put her in the midst of the Capitol unrest when she wasn’t even close to it, a Twitter and Facebook hashtag #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett trended, and both detractors and supporters piled on. Sister Toldjah covered the tweetstorm with some hilarious memes and reaction here.

Yeah, She Mad. AOC took to Twitter and directly attacked Arama’s piece in RedState and tried to paint it as though we were in league with a GOP-led smear campaign. Typical Alinsky tactic: accuse others of that which you are complicit.

Arama responded in a follow-up article, where he made it plain,

“No one is “discrediting” what actually happened. Her problem is that she’s disturbed that the actual facts were clarified.”

Disturbed is a mild word. AOC is triggered, and she should be. She is being caught at her own game and she doesn’t like it.

The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens also shared tweets of AOC from 2017, where she went to the border and allegedly was crying over kids in cages. Fact-checks revealed that this photo-op was staged in front of an empty parking lot.

Candace Owens triggers AOC’s minions as much as attacks on their Queen, so mission accomplished: Candace Owens is trending, and #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett was knocked down a notch.

However, now Nancy Mace (R-SC) whose office is near AOC’s, also pointed out the inaccuracies in AOC’s story.

AOC went back to Twitter and tried to fact-check those who were fact-checking her, but it didn’t get the desired result. The hashtag grew even hotter, and now #AOCLied is also trending. Legacy media is now forced to “cover” it, because they want to pretend they are doing their jobs. Allin all, it works to sheds more sunlight, not less. Which is exactly what AOC does not want.

When you obsess over the placement of arrows, you know you have lost the argument. Take the “L”, sister!

Instead, Queen Gaslighter decided to send out her Flying Monkeys, otherwise known as Progressive Useful Idiots, to discredit and damage Arama, Jack Posobiec, and anyone else who shared images, posts, and tweets with that hashtag.

Our Deputy Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar points out the problem with a government official, who is elected to represent ALL Americans, using her Flying Monkeys to try and take out a news organization:

AOC caught wind of Nick’s article sometime Wednesday and wasn’t too happy. The article inspired a tweet thread from the Congresswoman accusing Nick of engaging in “the latest manipulative take on the right,” “manipulating the fact that most people don’t know the layout [of] the Capitol complex,” and adding a new supposed fact – that “The bombs Trump supporters planted surrounded our offices too.”


Now, it seems that AOC isn’t too pleased that her retaliatory attack and attempt to intimidate an independent journalist was also fact-checked. Late Wednesday, AOC sent out an email to her followers claiming that “right-wing operatives” (again, low-key accusing journalists of collusion) “are spreading flat-out lies” and misleading information about her and asking them to report these stories and posts to the social media overlords.


This isn’t a typical call-to-action email from a politician to her supporters, folks. This is a sitting Member of Congress asking her supporters to engage in a targeted harassment campaign aimed at suppressing a free press. She’s not making a law “abridging the freedom…of the press,” but by weaponizing her supporters to attempt to memory hole an unflattering — but true — article by having it scrubbed from what serves as our public square, she’s sure coming close to it. AOC hasn’t reached the level where she can make a call to Facebook and Twitter and have a story completely suppressed, but if she is allowed to behave in this manner, are we really that far from a world in which any Democrat can make that call and have it obeyed?

Even more chilling, the Twitter Overlords and the “Fact Checkers” are now in the mix. As my colleague Robert Hahn pointed out, “We are watching the Ministry of Truth being constructed right before our eyes”:

Indeed, we are. As I wrote yesterday,

Why should the legacy media have to take responsibility for something they don’t even acknowledge exists? They see the problem as disinformation and conspiracy theories spread by Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, and QAnon, and that they are the only ones who have a handle on truth. It is everyone else that is disconnected from reality and therefore must be silenced.

AOC is upset that people are questioning the facts of her anecdotal story. We have video of Rand Paul and his wife being mobbed and having to be protected by Capitol Police. Yet, he was attacked for condemning the mob, and questioned as well. Newsflash: You’re not special.

AOC and her betters don’t like the dose of reality that Arama and others have administered, so they are working hard to shift reality. They want Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and the implosion of the Republican Party to be capturing your attention, not the fact that AOC is a political hack who will use a tragic moment to twist facts in order to paint herself as a victim, while destroying her Republican colleagues in the process.

Don’t let them. Share Arama’s, Sister Toldjah’s and Van Laar’s pieces. Share mine. Use the hashtags #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett and #AOCLied freely and fully. Heck, add in #AOCFlyingMonkeys for grins and giggles, and see what happens.

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