SuperPAC Progressive Turnout Project Collecting Signatures for a 'Thank You' to the Embattled Lincoln Project

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This is either the ultimate troll of the Lincoln Project or a signal to them that someone is gunning for their spot in the Grifters Hall of Fame.

The Free Beacon reports:


“A progressive PAC dedicated to increasing Democratic turnout and “passing Democratic laws” is collecting signatures for a thank-you card to honor the Lincoln Project’s support of that mission.

“Stop Republicans, an affiliate of the Progressive Turnout Project, founded by longtime Democratic operative Harry Pascal, sent an email to supporters this week urging them to sign the Lincoln Project’s card to thank the controversial group for its efforts to defeat Republicans in 2020 and beyond.


“In reality, the Lincoln Project’s efforts to unseat Republican politicians didn’t amount to much in the form of “help.” For example, the group targeted seven incumbent GOP senators in 2020, including Sens. Susan Collins (R., Maine), Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), and Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.). Yet despite spending almost $12 million on those key races, all seven Republicans were reelected—by double-digit margins in most cases.”


As we all know, the Lincoln Project is a bit busy these days, doing damage control:

In reporting on the Lincoln Project’s woes, my colleague Bonchie made this point:

“Reports of how they spend their money have plagued The Lincoln Project for most of their existence. Financial disclosures show much of their expenditures paying subsidiaries of their leadership for things like “consulting” and ad work. How the entire setup is legal is beyond me, but no one ever claimed the system was moral, I suppose.”

This feels very much like how they took down Capone. If they couldn’t get him on his murders, racketeering, and violation of the Prohibition Act, they’d get him on tax evasion. So it is with the Lincoln Project; thanks to John Weaver, they are going down, and this supposed campaign by Progressive Turnout Project (PTP) is grift recognizing grift, and a hat tip on the way down. PTP/Stop Republicans is now taking over the mantle.


Harry Pascal runs the progressive PAC and he is a longtime Democratic operative. With a CPA background, Pascal has reinvented himself as a Senior Advisor and Treasurer on a number of congressional campaigns, most notably Illinois Congressman Dan Seals’, who was billed as a rising star in the Illinois Democratic Party. Seals’ 2010 campaign skirted an SEC violation that involved some funny business with in-kind donations. There was one other SEC mention of a campaign where Pascal was attached, so it seems that this type of sketch is something that hovers over him.

But wait, there’s more…

A CNN Business article highlighted a study which found Stop Republicans ran misleading ads on Facebook this election cycle:

“According to Avaaz’s findings, Stop Republicans spent $45,000 on 30 ads with misleading claims about the USPS beginning in late July, resulting in roughly 1 million ad impressions.”

Apparently, this type of misleading information is not a problem for Facebook, as the Stop Republicans page is still up and active. But pages organizing the recall of a certain governor on the West Coast and election integrity pages must be limited or taken down.

Pascal also warrants an entry in Influence Watch:

“Pascal and Progressive Turnout Project have faced several controversies for allegedly false and misleading advertising. In 2020, businessman and former activist for the 2020 Presidential campaign of Democratic political commentator Andrew Yang. Nick Gray began receiving what he described as “incredibly aggressive email tactics” from Stop Republicans PAC, a project of PTP. Gray said he did not know how the organization got his email address and criticized PTP for sending out misleading emails which falsely claimed that certain people were supporters of President Donald Trump.”


A poster on Democrat Underground even called into question Pascal’s guerilla tactics of soliciting money for PTP/Stop Republicans’ causes.

The SuperPAC is alleged to have ties to Michael Bloomberg, who is known for funding these astroturf enterprises that target Republicans and conservative causes. These types are like roaches: you see one, but you know there are a thousand more crawling in the walls.



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