Why the Reddit WallStreetBets-GameStop vs. Hedge Funds Matters to Me

Why the Reddit WallStreetBets-GameStop vs. Hedge Funds Matters to Me
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I remember despising the 2015 movie The Big Short for its cavalier representation of what was truly terrible carnage. Like many, the 2008 shorting of mortgage stock, and the pooling of solid mortgages with garbage ones, was devastating on the economy, and upended people’s lives. This is probably why what they have sought to do to us during the pandemic hasn’t completely taken me by surprise; I have already been chewed up by someone’s idea of gaming system.

Between 2008-2010, my husband and I had lost two residences, our jobs, and our lives were reduced to our two dogs and what we could fit into a 2‑bedroom apartment. It felt like being raped repeatedly, then thrown into the street. I sometimes still get angry thinking about it.

My colleague Bonchie very ably explained how history is repeating itself this week, only it’s the little man bending Wall Street over.

“The talk of the stock market right now involves GameStop (among other stocks) and a group of Reddit users that decided to play Wall Street’s own game against them. If you don’t understand stock trades, it can be a bit in the weeds, but the general idea is simple. A bunch of hedge fund managers shorted stock trying to make money. In response, a group of Reddit users banded together to legally buy up those stocks and squeeze the short.

“This has some hedge funds in dire financial straits because there’s insufficient money to borrow and keep the short afloat.”

The article is a good breakdown of what is going on, and why the Elites: Democrat, Republican, and Agnostics, are pissed and trying to bite back. I have watched most of the action on Twitter, and the popcorn, I must say, has been plenteous, and quite good.

You see, my husband and I started our American Dream later in life. We married for the first time in our forties, and combined our financial fortunes, which wasn’t a lot. My husband had a pristine credit score which allowed us to buy the house of our dreams and rent out his condo. I had a good law firm job that paid extremely well, and that I planned to parlay into a growing career.

Because of some hedge funder’s grand idea to make massive money off innocent people’s backs, we were swept up in a maelstrom of financial losses that we didn’t foresee or plan for. We were unaware that our perfectly sound mortgage agreement had been sold off and grouped with other people’s unsound subprime mortgage agreements. We ended up emptying our savings to try to save our homes. I was laid off my plum gig because, last hired, first fired, and the firm partners were trying to cover their own assets, with little concern about my mortgage.

Our first foreclosure was on the dream home, and we ended up leaving half the stuff we had behind. Two days after we crammed ourselves into a dank little apartment, I rushed my husband to the emergency room, and we came out a week later with a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. He ended up on disability for four months because, just like the COVID-19 lockdowns, the cure was worse than the disease.

Because our tenant couldn’t pay the rent on my husband’s condo, and Bank of America are corrupt mofos, we were foreclosed upon again, and lost that home. We cashed out our 401ks to try and survive the aftermath. My husband’s health still is not what it could be. Yeah, had this not happened, a breakdown may have happened through something else, but the 2008 ordeal was the proverbial straw that broke his health’s back.

Twelve years later, we are only now starting to turn a corner where we aren’t scraping pennies together and borrowing money from relatives. We aren’t great—but we’re not living pillar to post either. In this Biden regime, it’s still precarious, as it is clear he is intent on destroying the little guy: and we are it.

Which is why the Hedge Funds vs. Reddit WallStreetBets/GameStop battle resonates with me.

One of the WallStreetBets Redditors, “SSauronn”, explained the reason why he was taking on the business as usual, destroy and conquer greed of the hedge funds. It brought back that anger and flood of memories mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.

An Open Letter to Melvin Capital, CNBC, Boomers, and WSB from wallstreetbets

Financial specialist Dr. Boyce Watkins had this assessment of the Hedge Fund/WallStreetBets affair.

“We saw in January a siege on the CapitOL. Now we’re seeing a siege on the CapitAL.”

Dr. Watkins sees it as a financial version of the rioting we saw this Summer, and history in the making.

“It’s a better version of Occupy Wall Street,” he concluded.

I do not totally agree with Dr. Watkins take, but I am definitely among those who wants to see the Redditors expose in real time the corrupt Wall Street practices that leave Main Street hung out to dry. How the Haves do all they can to marginalize, reduce, and toss aside the Have Nots in order to hold on to their market share, their piece of the pie. The Have Nots simply chose to beat them at their own game, and now the enablers in the Fed and Big Tech (them again) are doing all they can to not fight fair and square, but reduce the Redditors to ashes.

Sound familiar? The 2008 Mortgage Crisis. The 2020 COVID Pandemic. Who knows what else they have up their sleeves. If we’re fortunate, some industrious trolls will unearth that plot before the powers get it wound into action. Ma tha Siobhan.

But I don’t see it as unhinged, “Eat the Rich” Marxist foolishness spouted by AOC and her ilk, but a rallying cry for correction, and dare I say it, equality. Either the market works for everyone or it doesn’t, and right now it’s the latter. The Elites, enabled by a complicit Fed manipulate the system to only work for some and not for others, while also playing a game of tank and destroy an economic engine that will leave the control to the individual and surpass those in power.

I love what SSauronn had to say to those out there condemning them and clutching their pearls. The Baby Boom Generation who, from my perspective, have benefited the most from this unequal system. Take a look at Nancy Pelosi, the fossils in both houses of Congress, and Biden’s cabinet and tell me that I’m wrong.

“To the boomers, and/or people close to that age, just now paying attention to these ‘millennial blog posts’: you realize that, even if you weren’t adversely effected by the ’08 crash, your children and perhaps grandchildren most likely were? We’re not enemies, we’re on the same side. Stop listening to the media that’s making us out to be market destroyers, and start rooting for us, because we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to punish the sort of people who caused so much pain and stress a decade ago, and we’re taking that opportunity. Your children, your grandchildren, might have suffered as I described because of the institutions that we’re fighting against. You really want to choose them, over your own family and friends? We’re not asking you to risk your 401k or retirement fund on a single GME bet. We’re just asking you to be understanding, supportive, and to not support the people that caused so much suffering a decade ago.”

The beneficiaries are obviously not pleased.

And they thought getting rid of Donald Trump would solve all their woes. Welcome to the age of pissed-off Americans.

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