Andrew Cuomo Gets a Nod Toward a 2024 Presidential Bid From Hollywood

This being 2020, we’ve nearly grown numb to just about everything because this year has had just about everything. It is sort of like Someone was updating the Ten Plagues of Ancient Egypt and applying them to modern America. I’ve already identified the vermin as Antifa. If Biden ascends to the presidency, the locusts will be Hunter and James and their cronies. That said, some things can still be a bit unsettling. Like this:



In most societies, if you kill off some ten thousand elderly and immune-compromised citizens, either deliberately as a way of avoiding having to care for them or through callous disregard, you get recognition, though not the type you’d really like to have.

No one who watched Cuomo’s daily press briefings came away feeling encouraged. They were non-stop exercises in blame-shifting mixed with abject panic. Cuomo befouling himself demanding resources commensurate with some bullsh** model he was besotted with is the kind of behavior that would get a military officer fired…after he’d been laughed out of the unit by the troops. This kind of behavior doesn’t even have the fun aspect of Trump using Jim Acosta as a pinata. It is simply a childish and petulant response by a guy who simply has no answer to a reasonable question about a very stupid decision. A decision so stupid that it could be the gold standard for a Cuomo-esque response.


At first blush, it isn’t easy to see what the clowns who made this decision had in mind when doing so. Then it becomes clear.

Everyone thinks Cuomo is gearing up for a run for the White House. No one thinks that Joe Biden will be outside of a dementia ward in a couple of years. I have yet to hear anyone on the left express any confidence that Harris is up to the task. So 2024 will be, for all intents and purposes, an open primary. Everyone knows Cuomo has been auto-eroticizing to his tales of his studly leadership despite the evidence that shows a callous disregard for civil liberties, religious persecution, the deliberate or negligent killing of thousands of the most vulnerable, the destruction of portions of New York’s economy just because he could, criminally deficient management, and a constant whining for more resources.

Beyond fellating someone they think will be the next Democrat president of the United States, the Emmy people are trying to set up his run by erasing his decision to slaughter nursing home residents for sh**s and grins and portraying him as a heroic figure rather than a mewling, panic-stricken buffoon.



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