Comedian George Carlin Predicted 2020, 15 Years Prior

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Life is Worth Losing”, is a book and comedy special that the late George Carlin recorded in 2005 for HBO. One of my prescient Hotep brothers posted this except from the special and posed an excellent question:


“Every 4 years a January day such as today is heralded the world over as a lovely spectacle of the ‘peaceful transition of power.’ My question is what is ‘peaceful’ about the power to constantly rob people of the fruits of their labor to fund an oligarchy & murder innocent ppl?”

I cannot call myself a Carlin fan, but when I have listened to him, I have always been amazed at how his jokes and insights are more investigative and truthful than any garbage spewing from our social and political “betters”, think tanks, and especially the legacy media.

This is the case today. Carlin is the comedic Nostradamus who 15 years ago predicted the events of 2020.

Who would have thunk?!

Here’s a few lines from the HBO special that especially hit the mark:

“The politicians are put there to make you believe you have freedom of choice.”

After the wholesale mess that was the 2020 Presidential race, seeing who stood tall, and who did not, and what we are stuck with because of that, this line is more true than ever. We saw which politicians cared about the will of the people, and which ones dictated what the will of the people would be. Stark contrast.


“We know what they want—they want more for themselves, and less for everybody else.”

A global pandemic coupled with unchecked riots in the name of social justice proved this point. Billions of dollars stolen from Mom and Pop small business, or destroyed in burning, looting and violence; but Target, Walmart, Costco, and Amazon come out on top. There is too much wrong in that scenario.

Other truths that Carlin pointed out:

  • They don’t want critical thinkers. We have a continual dumbing down of Americans through a national education system that is now based on woke activism rather than critical thinking, and acquiring knowledge and skills that will help one live life and be a contributing part of society. The Teacher’s Union’s diktat of distance learning over in-person instruction in the name of COVID is living proof of this, and the politicians beholden to this powerful Big Labor bloc continue to do their bidding.

Speaking of Big Labor:

  • They want obedient workers. If you don’t learn to critically think, then you’ll accept what is given to you, fight for what they tell you to fight for, and willingly destroy anyone who opposes the groupthink.

Big Labor was pivotal in pushing Biden-Harris. Biden-Harris backed AB5 in California, which has destroyed the livelihoods of independent contractors and the self-employed in the State, and its core ABC test is embedded in the national PRO Act, which now-Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to push through the Senate the same way Speaker Nancy Pelosi rammed it through the House of Representatives. What does this mean? The same destruction that has been wrought upon hardworking people in California will now go national. Goodbye self-employed and independent contractors. Goodbye Right to Work (looking at you, Georgia). Hello union shops full of obedient workers.


Now you know why.

  • They want to tell you what to believe. We have seen how Big Tech and the legacy media straight up censored any speech, fact-based journalism, or information that did not suit their narrative or did not support the candidates that they wanted in office. They banned a sitting President from their social media sites for God’s sake! In 2020, the gloves came off fully, and it wasn’t pretty. Conservatives were not ready, and should have been.

Carlin called all this in 2005.

“Good, honest, hardworking people continue to elect these rich c*cksuckers who don’t give a f*ck about them.”

We fight this battle in California: urging constituents to educate themselves on voting records and issues, not just a party line. Big Labor and Big Tech has hollowed our state, and the rest of the nation will now experience that poison nationally. Former Red States have turned Blue, and corruption and fraud at the highest levels is now business as usual.

While Carlin called it, and we have seen it unfold, I still believe it doesn’t have to be our fate. What did we learn from Terminator and Terminator 2 (the rest of them are garbage)?: “No fate, but what we make.” We the people still have our Constitution, our inalienable rights, and we still have the ability to fight back. I believe we will.


My parting shot: Where do you fall on the spectrum? How do you plan to change it?

Here’s a fuller segment from the HBO special. *Language Warning*.



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