After Biden Rejects Him For a Cabinet Position, Garcetti Says He Will Focus on L.A.

Well, Los Angeles, looks like you’re stuck with him.


It looks like BLM-LA won this round. They have been protesting in front of the mayor’s residence since before Thanksgiving in order to #BlockGarcetti from leaving Los Angeles to join the Biden administration, and they are basking in their victory:

While I am happy for their success, it does mean Angeleans will be forced to weather the toxic environment from his draconian restrictions, and the growing administration scandals he helped to create.

The rampant homelessness in Los Angeles is not just an open sore, but an infected, oozing one that Garcetti has been claiming he would solve since he was a city council member. That’s 19 years of promises made… and ignored.


Instead, he has majored in being the Democrat Party’s climber rather than the Mayor of Los Angeles. He spent 8 years sucking up to then-President Barack Obama about transportation funds, with forays into “discussions” about homelessness, while taking every other chance to campaign for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and then to become a surrogate for the Biden campaign in 2020, all with his sights on D.C.

But Garcetti’s chickens appear to have finally come home to roost:

“The homeless crisis is not the only albatross around his skinny, white neck. His poor handling of the COVID pandemic, his almost salacious delight in the draconian lockdowns and arrest of Los Angeles residents, and his feigned ignorance over the sexual harassment charges filed against one of Garcetti’s closest advisors, Rick Jacobs, are part of the laundry list of incompetent leadership and missteps that have marked his two-term tenure in Los Angeles.”

The current FBI probe of Los Angeles City Hall that snared former Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar could also affect Garcetti. Huizar, and Councilman Mitch Englander, who was also indicted, know more than a few secrets, and where the bodies are buried. With all the overrun construction that Garcetti spearheaded during his 12 years in the City Council, he has dipped into some filthy pots; so, it’s doubtful he has clean hands.


Garcetti was hoping his ticket to the rarer air he has always sought would be a Biden-Harris cabinet appointment. Urban Planning was Garcetti’s original area of study, so it was rumored that he had his sights set on either Housing and Urban Development (HUD), or Transportation.

Instead, Biden selected Ohio Representative Marcia Fudge for HUD, and boring, milquetoast, Mayor Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary. Buttigieg doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, but at least he is not scandal-ridden.

With a cabinet that is so-far full of anti-Semites, anti-Christian, La Raza activists, and globalists, who knew that Garcetti would be too radioactive for the Biden administration?

Garcetti spun it as though Biden did want him to serve in some capacity, but it was his decision to finish out his mayoral term. When anchor Elex Michaelson asked for more details, Garcetti went all L.A. Confidential, and said he wanted to keep things very “hush, hush”.


Since he’s “chosen” to stay put, we’re committed to recalling him, along with the horrible Los Angeles County D.A. that he endorsed. Both Garcetti and Gascon need to be run out of town on rail.


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