Amanda Carpenter Struggles with Prayer, Iron Rods, and Delusions

Jim Cole

CNN Commentator, Bulwark/Lincoln Project NeverTrumper Amanda Carpenter retweeted a video from Right Wing Watch showing former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann in serious prayer.


Carpenter’s quote tweet is full of world class concern-trolling:

“I’ve heard a few accounts now from people who have received various appeals asking God to use his “iron rod” to “smash” the Biden presidency. Now is the time for responsible Republicans and conservative faith leaders to accept results and signal this is far outside the norm.”

I have no idea what kind of faith system (if any) Carpenter has. But it is obvious that she has never bothered to spend any meaningful time with an Evangelical. Since she despises the Trump Evangelicals above all else, this is not surprising.

Bachmann’s prayer is not “far outside the norm”. It’s actually quite within the norm. A quick Amazon search on prayer will render books like,

Dangerous Prayers: Because Following Jesus Was Never Meant to Be Safe by Craig Groeschel and The Weapon of Prayer by E.M. Bounds. While Carpenter may think prayer is only contemplative monks in robes, or mainline Liturgical recitations of the Catholic, Lutheran, and Methodist variety, Evangelicals view prayer as a conversation, a commission, and a command center for engaging with our God and with the world. So despite her and others efforts to make this look “outside of the norm”, anyone who does regularly engage in this type of prayer considers it quite normal, probably prays along with Bachmann in agreement, and wonders why others are making such a big fuss about it.


Carpenter also interprets Bachmann’s prayer as an appeal for “God to use his ‘iron rod’ to ‘smash’ the Biden presidency.” First, let’s talk about the reference, and here are some from the Bible for reference.

You mostly see it in the Book of Revelation, and in those scriptures, the person wielding the “iron rod” is the person that most Christians consider their Lord and Savior: The Resurrected Jesus Christ. So for those who believe the Bible, to pray for God to use his “iron rod” is not out of the norm.

Second, words matter, and this is clearly Carpenter attempting to twist what Bachmann actually prayed to suit her own ends.

If you’d rather not listen to Bachmann’s prayer, here’s the text of what she is prayed:

“I ask Oh, God, that you would take your iron rod and I ask that you would smash the clay jar of deceit in America.”

Sounds like Bachmann’s issue is with a clay jar of deceit. In the Bible, clay jars generally denote the temporary or the fallible. Bachmann has yet to mention a “Biden presidency”, which by our American Constitutional system and its processes, has not yet become a reality.

“Smash the clay jar of delusion in the United States America. Smash the delusion, Father, of Joe Biden as our President—he is not.”

Now Bachmann talks about “clay jars” as “delusion” in regard to “Joe Biden as our President.” And once again, she is right. He isn’t our President. Donald J. Trump is. Until the counting and court processes are done, this will be the case. There is a concerted push by the legacy media to take inconsistent, and in many cases fraudulent results to suit their purposes. Under our Constitutional Republic, until the states certify the votes, and then send their electors to meet and agree to that certification, there is no President-elect.


Until January 20, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. EST, when a new President is sworn in, there is no “President”. But this is the rub; the media and Lincoln Project folks don’t want actual facts getting in the way of their narrative. Orange Man Bad must be gone, and if they need to smash this into American’s brains—especially those 71 million Americans who voted for him—they definitely will do it.

“Would you take your iron rod and smash the strong delusion that Nancy Pelosi does have her House of Representatives—we don’t know that. Smash it, in Jesus’ name. Smash the takeover of the U.S. Senate by Chuck Schumer. Lord smash it, with your iron rod.”

I have written extensively about how Madam Speaker is losing her majority, and I can’t pop enough popcorn! So I think God is already doing a work in answering that one—keep it up Michelle! If several pivotal California and New York races continue to favor the Republicans who are leading, then this prayer will be a definitive reality; more of a reality than president-elect Biden.

There is still a fight for the Senate, but I’m on board with the craven Senator Schumer not getting his way. Him getting his way will lead to a packed court, the PRO Act, and destruction of any hope of ever getting affordable health care. No, thank you. Let’s keep it Red.

Why Carpenter feels the need to denigrate honest and sincere prayer just because it disagrees with the narrative she wishes to peddle is a reflection of why NeverTrumpers, Democrats, and the Left (but I repeat myself) will never achieve this “unity” they are now blathering on about. It would require they actually engage with real humans, rather than the cartoons of real humans they delight to create.


And has Carpenter ever read the Psalms? David spent many a chapter asking God to tear down, destroy, and take out his enemies. Look at what David prayed in Psalm 3:

All Bachmann prayed for was God’s iron rod to shatter deceit, delusion, and clay jars. David is asking God to smash jaws and break teeth. Maybe Carpenter should start reading the Bible to get a little perspective.

Carpenter ends her very concerned post with, “Now is the time for responsible Republicans and conservative faith leaders to accept results and signal this is far outside the norm.”

This is another form of these “lists” that are going around to target everyone who are ignoring the memo to get on board with the legacy media’s selection of Biden-Harris. We are still in an election whose results have not yet been decided, but if enough “responsible Republicans” and “conservative faith leaders” shame people into letting go of their need for a free, fair, honest, and Constitutionally-sound election, then they can get on with slathering over Kamala Harris’s selection of shoes, and who will be the first to get dibs on the Lincoln bedroom.


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