The Fog of Election Fraud Overshadows Key California Races

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

With the election fraud and software glitches surrounding the Presidential election, and the media’s focus on ensuring Joe Biden is named as President-elect, the statewide races have been given little to no coverage in the mainstream press.


In California, there are still about 4 million unprocessed ballots, give or take, statewide. Thanks to Governor Gavin Newsom and his emergency changes in this election cycle, Secretary of State Padilla has now dictated that registrars can tabulate mail-in ballots, bearing Election Day postmarks, as late as November 20. This leaves plenty of time to stuff the ballot box on some close races, and it is not lost on me that most of those close races favor Republicans. If three of them are won, they would eat away the current Democrat House majority, and may swing it toward the Republicans.

High stakes that the California architects of this widespread fraud do not wish to see happen. Aunt Nancy would not approve.

California District 25 is one of the really hot ones. Mike Garcia won the special election in May for Throuple Queen Katie Hill’s seat, defeating Hill’s pal and #AB5-complicit Christy Smith. Smith has gone up against him again for the seat, and Mike Garcia is leading.

If Garcia pulls it out, it will be another House seat that gets maintained by Republicans, making it more difficult for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop the bleed of her majority. It will also be a moral victory for Garcia to hold on to the seat, which flipped to Red for the first time since 1998. Christy Smith especially is not going to cede this ground, and they may very well be shuffling in special “Christy Smith” ballots even as I write.


I pray not, and that Mike Garcia pulls it out, if for nothing else, to see the egregious Christy Smith whine and cry.

California District 34 is a Democrat on Democrat race with 89 percent of the votes tabulated, Jimmy Gomez is almost 10,000 votes ahead of his challenger, David Kim. Gomez is the incumbent and backed by Joe Biden, major Labor Unions, and the party apparatus and figureheads. So why hasn’t the race been called?

For a grassroots campaign (or so they say), David Kim has gotten tremendous juice over the incumbent. This Central L.A. District is also heavily Korean, so there may be some hesitancy in angering this voting bloc by calling the race too early.

Wish they had that much concern about the rest of the American people.

California District 48 has Republican Michelle Steel leading incumbent Democrat Harley Rouda by less than 7,000 votes. Thanks to the 2018 ballot harvesting, Rouda defeated then-Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher to take the seat, so a win by Steel would flip the seat back to Red. It would also do more damage to Speaker Pelosi’s majority. As the absentee ballots are counted and rolled in, we’ll see whether they favor Steel or Rouda. As California has been ground zero of rampant voter fraud for decades, and with the House being at stake, my cynical self says they’ll find a way to pull Rouda ahead.


Fingers crossed that I am wrong.

California District 39 was another one robbed in 2018 through ballot harvesting. Republican Young Kim ran against Democrat Gil Cisneros, and had a substantial lead; then suddenly ballots appeared out of nowhere, all favoring Cisneros, who ultimately took the seat.

Thanks to Young Kim’s solid skills as a candidate, she is back in the game, and once again ahead of Cisneros by around 3,000 votes. It will be the absentee/mail-ins being counted that will tell the tale.

As Californians, we have all watched races that were clearly leaning Republican fade away due to the rampant voter fraud in the state, so many of us are understandably nervous. Perhaps this hyper-focus on the national landscape, and all the self-congratulatory parties will allow these races to be called with the established victories. I still hold out hope that if it is unhampered, the process can work.


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