Congressional Reporter Tweets About House Democrat Caucus Call-Hilarity Ensues

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I look for ways to laugh, and this Washington Post Congressional Reporter’s tweets about the House Democrat caucus meeting is definitely comedy gold. Especially because of today’s announcements about the election, and because it’s Friday, we could all use an endorphin boost.


First of all, Congressional Reporter Erica Werner’s shorthand tweets read like she’s exasperated that she has to cover this meeting at all. I feel you boo, I get exasperated at having to talk about the junk WaPo spews out on a daily basis, so we’re sympatico.

With all the pity-poor-us turmoil that happened on that call, I have no doubt it must have been torture. But hey, that’s why she gets paid the big bucks.

Werner tweets are cryptic, and sound best when read with a “Caveman” voice.

She led with Abigail Spanberger (VA-07) who barely maintained her seat, and was loaded for bear.

“Don’t say socialism ever again.

Need to get back to basics.

(Is yelling.)”

Oops—hope AOC was not on that call. And wow, yelling. You mad, sis? If getting back to basics means actually caring for your constituents more than you care for “the planet” or collectivism, then yeah—cause they mad too, and they showed it by almost replacing you.

Werner tweets Spanberger’s conclusion to her rant:

No doubt about that.


Then Werner tweets Pelosi’s response:

They won the House and presidency?



<pick myself off the floor, check my panties to ensure I didn’t pee myself laughing, sit back at the laptop>

The election was called, but there is still dispute over what actually was “won”. Most people have a definition that includes mounting an honest contest, and doesn’t include massive voter fraud.

But, I digress…

As I have written here and here, not one Republican House member has lost their seat…yet. We are definitely holding the line.

However, more than 14 Democrat members have lost their Congressional seats, and despite the Presidential election being called, there are votes still being counted and hopefully re-counted. Even if Joe Biden succeeds in stealing this election from Trump, Madam Speaker may have pushed her party back into the minority, and also may lose her powerful position. Ma tha Siobhan*.

Werner switched gears in her tweeting to one of the “future is female” freshmen who was collateral damage for her party.


Awww, poor Debbie. You and COMMA-LAH Harris can commiserate, cause people can’t pronounce her name either. Think of it this way, now you’ll have plenty of time to be with your kids, fight climate change, and attend to those pet causes you so like. Don’t think of it as a setback, think of it as a time to reinvent.

And maybe learn how to code.

This tweet was my favorite:

I bet you do, Nancy. I’m sure you, Gavin Newsom, and COMMA-LAH created it in one of the coven meetings for the San Francisco Cabal, while Joe took a nap in his basement. Something you didn’t factor is that this mandate may be hard to execute if the House is up for grabs and the Senate is out of your reach. So, instead of gaslighting, you might want to worry about your own legacy.

Pelosi will go down in history not only as the architect of presidential election theft, but the woman who single-handedly handed the House to the minority party.

Good job, Nance, totally brill.

As my colleague Mike Miller said,

“It appears that Pelosi’s Trump-loathing chickens might finally come home to roost.”

There was other drama on the call, including The Squad’s Rashida Talib (MI-13) saying they can’t blame the socialists for their issues (true), and Bill Pascrell (NJ-9) brown-nosing Nancy Pelosi while throwing Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer under the bus.


Pretender-to-the-throne Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8) inserted this gem:

The teardrop emoji that Werner inserted is everything. Truly, the Left are eating their own.

Werner stumbled to the finish of her tweet thread with as much enthusiasm as she had begun.

Werner was D-O-N-E, DONE. But she did a good job summarizing two hours of whining, crying, and complaining without any directives or solutions.

Yeah, sounds just like Democrats. Welcome to the Biden-Harris-[Newsom] Presidency.


*Embracing my Irish heritage. “Ma tha Siobhan” is Gaelic for, “If God is Merciful”


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