Flint, MI City Councilman Maurice Davis and Wife Beverly Davis Talk About "Straight Ticket" Voter Fraud

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

As he promised in his viral video last week at the Flint, Michigan Trump Rally, Maurice Davis drove to the Haskell Center, the busiest voting center in Flint, and cast his vote for President Donald Trump. He went with his wife, Beverly Davis who also cast her vote for the President.


“This is the first time I feel good, because I voted for who I wanted to, not because of my race,” he said.

Davis and the Missus commemorated this on Facebook Live, and as they drove home, they pointed out the blight that exists in their city because of Democrat’s failed policies.

The Davises also encouraged everyone to get out and vote, and that they did not have to vote a straight party ticket.

From the video, the Davises said that poll workers were instructing voters to vote “down ballot” or a straight Democrat ticket. If voters were choosing to split their ballot, and vote for Republicans or others, they were told that their ballots would be voided.

“Don’t let nobody make you believe you have to. If they try to make you vote straight ticket, leave!” Mrs. Davis exhorted. “Only because we knew we didn’t have to vote straight ticket were we able to call the clerk’s office and straighten out the Haskell Center! They were telling people that if they didn’t vote straight ticket, their ballots were spoiled.”

Thankfully, Councilman Davis used his political clout to contact the County Clerk’s office and inform them that this was not proper procedure. In fact, it’s voter fraud.

The entire video is linked below:

Facebook Live: Maurice and Beverly Davis Vote for Trump

“I’m hoping everyone get out and vote. But if you get out and vote and stand in line, you should accomplish something,” Davis said.


As he encouraged in his interview with me last week, the narrative needs to change; Black people need to vote for their own self-interest and for who will help the community, and not just for one party.

“Don’t let them go with, ‘You ain’t Black if you don’t vote for me’, crap—they can take that and throw it out the window. If I vote for you, you gone do something for me: in my house, my neighborhood,” he said.

Mrs. Davis agreed,

“I’m just glad we were able to vote like we wanted to vote, not just being dictated to, telling us how we had to do it, which was not proper.”

Michigan is one of the critical swing states for both candidates, and as my colleague Scott Hounsell has pointed out here, and here, the odds are looking good for Trump.

Until the fat lady sings (I’m warming up now), we’ll keep an eye on it. Until then, if you haven’t already, go out and vote!

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