Flint City Councilman Maurice Davis Speaks His Mind: America Has Got to Fly Right or We're Not Going to Fly at All

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Charlie LeDuff hosts the No Bullshit News Hour podcast, and Maurice Davis, Ward 2 Councilman and Vice President of the Flint, Michigan City Council has been a guest a time or two. Davis has been a conduit of information in the ongoing saga that has been the Flint water crisis as well as the goings on in the community.


It was the October 16 podcast that put Maurice Davis on Breitbart News’s radar, and ultimately brought him to the attention of President Donald Trump.

Fast forward to the October 28 Trump rally at the Flint-Bishop airport. Davis was one of the guest speakers who gave a full-throated endorsement for Trump.

“God stepped in, and God always makes an opportunity to make a way. God uses whoever he wants to, God created Heaven and Earth and everything in it, including President Trump.”

As Davis said in the now viral video, since that endorsement, he has been called everything but a child of God.

“I’ve been a Democrat, I am a Democrat all my life, 64 years,” said Davis[…] “Last four years I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year I decided to go with President Trump. I’m not a bootlicker, I’m not an Uncle Tom. I’m none of those things, I’m somebody that’s in a poor, impoverished community.”

In the final hours of the election, much is being made in the media about former Trump supporters and Republicans who are now endorsing and voting for presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden. But when Democrats—especially Black Democrats—who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 now say they are voting for Trump, mockery, maligning, and character assassination ensues.

One choice is crafted as an intelligent and moral decision, the other choice as selling your soul. There is something wrong with that.

I spoke with Maurice Davis yesterday, and he has made it plain that he has not been bought, and the souls he is concerned about are the souls of his community.


“This is bigger than me. Too many people dying. I’m going to President Trump and probably John James, and anyone who is going to help me and my house.

“Ninety-one percent of Black folks—Democrats. And if you don’t vote with them, they disown you. If I’m going to be an Uncle Tom, I’m going to be a smart one. I’m going to change the narrative.”

Davis is an accomplished guitarist and musician; a decades-long established talent in the Blues world. Known as the “King of Party Blues”, he has played with many noteworthy musicians, from Buddy Guy to Bobby Blue Bland. His one regret is that he did not get a chance to play with his mentor and inspiration, B.B. King.

[Photo: Maurice Davis Guitarist. Courtesy: Maurice Davis. Used with Permission]

“Guitar gave me a way in. I got to go to Hollywood, record, do different things with record labels. That allowed me to sustain myself in an environment like this.”


Davis had the means to move into the suburbs or out of the state. Instead, he chose to come back home and to continue to be a part of the Flint community.

“I’ve lived in Flint, Michigan all my life, 64 years, and on the same side of town. I felt like this: I want to show you what you can succeed in this life if you do the right thing.

“I have done lots of mentoring in high schools around here. I know their pain, I know their struggle.

“We ain’t making it. I’m not a rich Black person going over to the Democrat party. I live inside the ghetto, the crime scene.”

With the national exposure brought on by the Flint water crisis, Davis has seen money poured into the community that ends up in show projects, rather than assisting the people of the community. Despite the re-routing of the infrastructure from the Flint River back to the Great Lakes, the focus in Flint has been on pipe replacement, rather than rebuilding the entire infrastructure. Davis sees this as a Democrat focus on handouts and entitlements, rather than solutions.


“How in the hell you gone replace so many feet of pipe? You can’t put new wine into old wineskin! Change a few feet of pipe, when you know the entire system is the problem.

“How the hell am I going to be happy if I’m eating today and you’re not? In Flint, I’m seeing people sleeping on concrete when they’re building 20 million dollar animal shelters and 23 million dollar juvenile homes. Something is wrong with that.”

Davis has served on the Flint City Council for many years, and because of his outspokenness, they have tried to recall him: four times.

“I have nothing to lose. I’ll have to resign my seat because I’ve been called and Uncle Tom, a bootlicker, a sellout. But that $700 every other week is not worth it.

“If I can change the narrative of Black folks and pull them out of poverty all over this nation, I’ll do it.”

Davis feels that President Trump is the one who will help to change that narrative.

“You have to have a meeting of the minds. Black folks have died because of the politics of the Democrat party. If you lift up the bottom of anything, everything going to rise and that will rise. Republicans are about uplift.”

Hence his decision to back President Trump and speak at the Wednesday Trump Rally.

“I had never been to a Republican rally before. Only what they tell you in the media, and I didn’t know what to expect.”.

Davis was pleasantly surprised by not only the organization of the event, but how much he felt at home.

“It felt like I was at a church event more than a rally. Everything was in order, it was just so peaceful. It was just beautiful.

“Everyone was as nice as they could be beautiful people. Black folks didn’t treat me as nice as these folks treat me.”


Now, Davis’s lot is fully in the Trump camp. He strongly believes that four more years of President Trump’s leadership will unite the nation. The narrative that the President has been a divisive force is something that upsets Davis.

“I’m pissed about the narrative these Black folks have bought. I’m going to help this President—I’m going to help people who are trying to help me. I don’t care if you’re Democrat and Republican. All hands should be on deck at this time. United we stand, divided we fall.”

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