John James’ Closing Argument to Black Voters: 'I Believe a Voteless People Is a Hopeless People'

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Whatever the outcome of the Michigan Senate Race, Republican candidate John James has run a focused, inspirational and forward-thinking campaign.

My colleague Sister Toldjah described James’s campaign and rapid response as “beast mode”:


“James has run such an impressive campaign that mainstream media outlets like CNN have tried to spread lies about his record, while social media platforms like Twitter have tried to suppress news of important endorsements in the state.

“Despite all that, his message is resonating enough that Joe Biden is paying attention. After the Democratic presidential nominee called him a ‘disaster’ during a recent campaign stop, James’ response was epic:

Thinking for himself is how James plans to finish well, as he makes his closing argument to all voters, but particularly to the Black community. This final ad is a must listen, whether you are voting in Muskegon, Miami, or Moreno Valley.


James starts off by emphasizing,

“I want everyone to vote who is eligible to vote. I believe a vote-less people is a hopeless people.”

Straight up. The impetus behind these disinformation campaigns is to make you think your voice does not matter; but an engaged electorate is a powerful one that turns the tide of the country. We saw this in 2016 with a Donald Trump win.

James is encouraging everyone to get engaged, no matter who you plan to vote for. He then segues into the established history of the Black vote and the Democrat party.

“The Democratic business model is reliant on keeping Black folks dependent on the government. Countless people have died for our right to think and to vote for ourselves, yet Democratic leadership asks us to outsource our voice on a straight ticket ballot to a godless party that neither represents our values nor our economic best interest.”

James has not been the only Black man saying this: This is the reason Ice Cube partnered with President Trump on his Platinum Plan ; this is the reason Maurice Davis has endorsed Donald Trump; this is why Little Wayne said,

“Besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the Platinum Plan is going to give the community real ownership.”


Community ownership. Enfranchisement. Empowerment. These have been the watch words for the Black community this election season, especially among Black men. This is what John James encourages.

James wrapped up his argument and encourages Black voters to change their thinking in order to change their station.

“We’ve marched from Selma to New York; we’ve rebelled from Watts to Detroit and ain’t nothing changed in 50 years!”

“The Democratic party leadership cares more about the Black vote than the Black people.”

“And It’s time to wake up. It doesn’t have to be this way; we can have a seat at both tables, and we can elevate our people, together.”

One party claims certain values but their actions rarely reflect them; another party puts into action what they value and it opens the door for everyone to choose freedom over the status quo.

As John F. Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”


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