John James Claps Back at Biden for ‘Disaster’ Comments

Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James speaks at a primary night election party in Detroit, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
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Michigan Senate candidate John James struck back at former Vice President Joe Biden after he made disparaging comments about James’ candidacy. In a recent ad, James pointed to Biden’s history of making racially insensitive comments and his failure to achieve anything meaningful for the Black community. 


In a Friday video, James said, “Joe Biden, don’t forget your place in Black America.” He continued, “you’re only where you are because you were Barack Obama’s vice president. That’s it. That’s it. The people who you rely on so desperately for the position you’re in and for the position you want are African Americans, yet you continue to insult us.”

Then, James threw a series of rhetorical jabs at Biden, recounting the former vice president’s racial gaffes. “You ain’t Black if you don’t vote for me. Asking somebody if they’re a junkie. Calling the president, Barack Obama, ‘clean,’ as if he wouldn’t be for some other reason?” he said. “You have some serious issues, Joe Biden, the biggest of which being you were in power for 44 years and Black folks continue to fall behind.”

The video was a response to insulting comments that Biden made during an appearance with James’ opponent, Democratic Sen. Gary Peters, who is seeking reelection. The former vice president stated that President Trump is trying to destroy Obamacare and said to Peters: “Just like your opponent calls it a disaster. Talk about a disaster, there is a disaster. The guy is 2000% or 200%, whatever it is, with Trump. I hope everybody remembers.”

James had previously told reporters that he is 2000% in support of President Trump when he ran for office in 2018. In the video, James stated that he is a “disaster for the Democrats’ narrative.” He declared, “yeah, it’s a disaster for Democrats in Michigan right now. Because right now, you have an African American running in the Republican Party — not because the party is perfect, but because I can think for myself.” 


The Senate race in Michigan is close, with James trailing his opponent by only a few points. The gap is well within the margin of error and the two candidates are in a dead heat. 

Biden’s history of racially insensitive remarks has not had much of an impact on his candidacy mostly because the corporate media is dead set on protecting him. For that reason, he does not experience the same treatment a Republican candidate would if they made similar comments. 

But, Biden has not been able to escape his record as a senator. Black Americans on both sides of the political aisle have castigated him for creating the 1994 crime bill that disproportionately impacted the Black community. 


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