John James Is Asked if Obama Campaigning in Michigan 'Intimidates' Him, His Answer Is Beast Mode (Watch)

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Only one Republican has won a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan since 1979. Republican Senate nominee John James has been knocking on the door for two years now trying to change that.


In 2018, James came up just short in a surprisingly competitive race against Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow. Now he faces off against Sen. Gary Peters in yet another race that could determine the control of the Senate.

James, a West Point graduate and U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq, has run a strong campaign, has posted solid fundraising numbers, and has stayed on the attack, more than managing to keep himself within striking distance of Peters.

With just a few days left between now and election day, James appeared on Fox and Friends to talk to co-host Brian Kilmeade about his strategy down the homestretch and his thoughts on former President Obama coming to the state to stump on behalf of the Biden-Harris presidential campaign as well as Sen. Peters.

James’ answer was total beast mode, something we’ve come to expect from him:

Kilmeade: John, great to see you. What is your message in the closing days, and are you going to be intimidated by President Obama coming to town?

James: Look, I’m not intimidated by terrorists, I’m certainly not going to be intimidated by a politician. We want to talk about people who want to show up in an election year? Gary Peters is somebody who shows up in an election year looking for votes. But he’s been in politics for 30 years, been in Washington for 12, been in the Senate for 6.

And to this day, after Democrats have spent $60 million against me, people in the state of Michigan still can’t put their fingers on a thing he’s done for them. Sen. Peters was 33% unknown until this year and 33% disapprove, that’s two out of every three voters who either don’t know him or don’t like him and so now he has to lie in order to try and beat me.

I think if Gary Peters had spent as much time in non-election years doing his job and showing up for work, he wouldn’t be in the predicament where he is right now in a virtual tie with me.”



James also had a great answer when asked by Kilmeade about who he most tried to emulate:

James responded by sharing his faith and experience as an Army Ranger pilot who led soldiers in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom and as a business leader.

“I try to emulate Jesus. I am a sinful man, but I am saved by grace and I do my very best,” James said. “For example, my nickel promise. Taking a nickel for every dollar that we raise to help feed the hungry, help clothe the naked, to help heal the sick, and take care of our veterans.”

James has run such an impressive campaign that mainstream media outlets like CNN have tried to spread lies about his record, while social media platforms like Twitter have tried to suppress news of important endorsements in the state.

Despite all that, his message is resonating enough that Joe Biden is paying attention. After the Democratic presidential nominee called him a “disaster” during a recent campaign stop, James’ response was epic:


The James campaign just released a boomtastic ad featuring Kid Rock touting James as a “bad-a**” and talking about his military service and job-creating history. Watch below:

I dig it. I dig James. Michigan voters, this guy has more than earned the opportunity to represent you in the Senate. Read the spot-on Detroit News endorsement of him, and then do your thing and send him to Washington, DC!

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