CA Governor Gavin Newsom Ignores Crime Surge yet Claims Preparation for Post-Election Chaos

The headline in The Hill yesterday, “California governor preparing state for civil unrest following election,” is laughable.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s idea of any form of preparedness is to stay at home and wear a mask. If anything, his policies of the last year have guaranteed the civil unrest, rather than any measures to quell it.


In his usual free-associative and cryptic style, he said to Politico:

“As it relates to making sure people are safe, making sure not only the process of voting is a safe and healthy one, but keeping people safe after the election for whatever may occur. The answer is ‘Yes’, we are always gaming out different scenarios and making sure that we are prepared.”

Of course, King Gavin gave no specifics about exactly what he planned to do to prepare for any potential election night chaos. Chief Dominick Rivetti of the Beverly Hills Police Department has already announced that he will close down Rodeo Drive on Election Day and the day after, and his police department will be on high alert from the Halloween weekend through Tuesday.

But our Governor is “gaming out all scenarios.”

Uh huh.

This is the same Governor whose plan to reduce the prison overpopulation amid the COVID-19 pandemic was to set bail at $0 for certain low-level felonies and misdemeanors and to release existing prisoners into the general public—many of them violent felons.

Just a few days ago we learned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced the release of 250 immigrants with violent criminal histories into the general public of Southern California. We have no idea where these violent felons went, and the governor apparently does not care.


In terms of Newsom “making sure not only the process of voting is a safe and healthy one”, Richard Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence, called for an investigation into Gavin Newsom’s election interference. It was revealed that ballots have been mailed to dead residents, residents who had moved, and duplicate ballots across the state of California.

So Newsom’s claim of protecting the election “before and after” is as hollow as the contents of his head.

Fresno, California District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp ripped Newsom a new one in a press conference:

“No one states the obvious: that Gov. Newsom ignores the drug-addicted people laying in the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles and all the other cities in California like Fresno while paying attention to how to best protect the inmates from prison and not the cities from crime,” she said.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Department Video

The homicide rate in Fresno has almost doubled since this same time last year, and the Fresno Police Department said it confiscated 71 illegal weapons since Oct. 6. The Fresno County Sheriff posted an image of some of those dangerous weapons on their Facebook page.

DA Smittcamp added that in Newsom’s boasting about the state’s decreasing number of inmates, he omitted the fact that he released “violent criminals” into the population. “It’s just another example of poor management on the state level,” she said.


But King Gavin is tilting at bigger windmills, saving the planet from climate change, and saving a death row inmate. He has little time for local vagrancy problems or the county District Attorney’s petty concerns about crime.

Smittcamp had a final word for Newsom:

“Stop using COVID-19 to further your political agenda. The blood of the children being shot by out-of-control gang members in our city is on your hands and on the hands of every person who does not make public safety a priority.”

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.


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