Ric Grenell Calls for Investigation Into Gavin Newsom's Election Interference

AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic


The former Acting Director of National Intelligence and general bulldog, Ric Grenell is calling for an investigation into Gavin Newsom’s election interference, after it was revealed that ballots have been mailed to dead residents, residents who had moved, and duplicate ballots across the state of California.

It isn’t just dead people receiving ballots. Many people (including people I know personally who did not want to be included in the story yet) have received multiple ballots for their own names.  Some have moved over the course of the last, several years, and others have changed parties.  In one particular case I am familiar with, a person received a ballot at their business address (where they are registered), and then a second ballot at their home address.  Another case was covered earlier this week that showed that a California couple had received ballots for people who, as they had notified the county several times, do not live there.

In North San Diego County, people had ballots stolen from their mail earlier this week.


Remember these are just the REPORTED cases, and without fail, every single of these reported cases are from conservatives.  Are we supposed to believe that these ballot issues are only happening to conservative voters? Of course not.  They are likely happening equally with liberal voters.  Now, the fact that they don’t report it to the media does not necessarily mean those ballots are going to definitely be used for nefarious purposes. But what it does tell us is that it doesn’t bother the left as much as it does the right.

For years, there have been candidates running for California’s Secretary of State position, almost exclusively on the platform of cleaning up the voter rolls.  Considering that there are hundreds of documented cases of dead voters receiving ballots means that there is no inter-agency reporting in the state between departments that maintain birth and death records, and those agencies that handle voter records.  In Los Angeles County, where Grenell’s example comes from, Death Records AND Voter Records are handled by the same County organization, the Recorders and Registrars office.  How these people could have died in Los Angeles County and somehow not end up removed from voter rolls shows GROSS incompetence.  Even after a Settlement into removing dead people from voter rolls, LA County still refuses to comply.

On top of an investigation into Gavin Newsom’s role in destroying the faith in the election system in the state and allowing for the potential of mass fraud, there needs to be an investigation into why so many dead voters continue to show up on voter rolls.  There should be an investigation into every county’s election office to see if they are doing their part in keeping records up to date and accurate. That should go up all the way to Alex Padilla, the Secretary of State for California.

What is occurring is no different from a dealership providing criminals keys to steal customers’ cars.  Faulty ballots are not always used for fraudulent purposes, but they can be, and government officials in the state seem uncaring.  So much concern was placed on election integrity after 2016, but not when it leaves a door open for Democrat fraud operations.

Either they should do their job to the fullest of their responsibilities, resign, or be charged with aiding and abetting a crime.  There’s no middle ground any more.

If you are a California resident and are a victim of the state’s ballot shenanigans, please tweet me @hounsizzle, and/or report it here: https://www.cagop.org/s/captv-incident-report.