Video: Progressives' "Nazi" Rhetoric Begins With George Soros

Media Matters, a George Soros propaganda organization masquerading as a media watchdog, is exhibiting its hypocrisy again. In an article titled Fox’s “Nazi” rhetoric also comes straight from the top, they took a comment by Fox News head Roger Ailes and used it as a starting point to attack almost every commentator on the network:


In a recent interview, Fox News chairman Roger Ailes referred to National Public Radio executives as “Nazis” with a “Nazi attitude,” and claimed “[t]hey are the left wing of Nazism.” Ailes’ employees at Fox News, particularly Glenn Beck, have also used Nazi and Holocaust imagery to smear President Obama, Democrats, and progressive figures.

Interestingly, though Media Matters is correct in saying that the use of Nazi analogies by Ailes was not appropriate, they don’t bother to challenge the facts or sentiment of the statement.

More important, however, is the utter hypocrisy of the Media Matters case; if they were truthful with themselves and their readers they would recognize that the same, inappropriate language comes from the progressive world. And it all starts with the movement’s leader and sugar-daddy, George Soros.



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