Anti-Israel Members of 'the Squad' Aren't Going to Like Mike Johnson's First Move as House Speaker

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Newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is already about to trigger much wailing and gnashing of teeth from progressives in Congress. The lawmaker is wasting no time in setting the legislative agenda for the lower chamber, but his first move is likely to send the anti-Israel faction of Congress into a tizzy.


On Wednesday, after taking the gavel, Johnson vowed to bring forth a resolution supporting Israel while also condemning Hamas for starting the current war in the Middle East. After assuring the American public that House Republicans are “ready to get to work again” to solve the problems facing the country, he said the first bill he would bring to the floor as speaker would be “in support of our dear friend Israel."

"We are overdue in getting that done. We are going to show not only Israel, but the entire world that the barbarism of Hamas that we have all seen play out on our television screens is wretched and wrong, and we are going to stand for the good in the conflict."

Johnson won the position by a narrow margin after becoming the fourth candidate to be nominated by House Republicans. One does not need a crystal ball to see that his first move will not go over well with the far-left wing of the Democratic Party, especially members of “The Squad.”

Just last Sunday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), in an appearance on MSNBC, lashed out at Israel while going soft on Hamas. She accused the Jewish state of “engaging in war crimes” and criticized the nation for its blockade, which she argues is preventing water, food, and electricity from being provided to Palestinian civilians. Of course, she forgot to mention how Hamas brought about these conditions in the first place.


Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) have been vocal critics of Israel’s counterattack against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Tlaib has continued parroting the false narrative that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza City despite numerous reports debunking that claim.

Omar recently lost her cool when addressing questions related to Israel’s right to defend itself.

OMAR: How many more killings is enough for you? Is it 1,000 more, 2,000 more, 3,000 more? How many more Palestinians would make you happy if they die? Will you be fine if all of the people of Gaza are gone? Would that make you happy? Would that be the thing that makes you proud? And maybe that's the question you should ask, Ritchie. Is he okay? How many more Palestinian lives is he comfortable with? Because I am not comfortable with any more.

It is worth noting that several Democratic lawmakers have voiced support for Israel in its effort to eliminate Hamas. Biden has also affirmed his solidarity with Israel as well. This resolution could serve as a litmus test and expose which lawmakers side with Israel and which don’t.


In the theatrical circus that American politics has become, Johnson’s actions might seem to be a brave stand for international justice or a thumb in the eye of progressive Democrats, depending on which side of the aisle one falls. Either way, this move is sure to elicit some newsworthy responses from The Squad and other progressive politicians.


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