Why Are Authoritarian Leftists Afraid to Call out Nonwhites for Opposing Sexual Material in Schools?

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Emily Drabinski, the president of the American Library Association (ALA), has become the center of controversy in the ongoing debate over exposing children to sexually inappropriate material in the classroom and in libraries. As the head of the organization, she has used her position to censor alternative viewpoints and push a blatantly far-leftist agenda.

In response to the backlash against attempts to indoctrinate young minds into embracing so-called progressive ideology on race, gender, and sexuality, she has done what white progressives do best: Pretend any disagreement is rooted in bigotry.

As a guest on the "Thought Project Podcast" last year, she said parents arguing to remove inappropriate books from libraries were "angry, white mob parents." She also articulated her vision for the future of libraries that would center on "notions of queerness" and several examples of leftist lunacy.

In an attempt to explain why sexually explicit content should be shared with children, Drabinski recalled reading a book about "fantastic queer sex in a field" when she was just 14 years old. The LGBTQ activist used the example to suggest that allowing such books in school libraries allows kids to find "refuge," she told "Gendered S(h)elves: Body and Identity in the Library" for Women & Environments International Magazine in 2009.

Many parents are forming a movement to push back against access to sexually explicit books in their children's libraries and schools. But despite the growing concern, Drabinski labeled these individuals as "White mob parents."

During an appearance on the "Thought Project Podcast" in 2022, Drabinski claimed that those who try to get particular books removed from library shelves are "angry, White mob parents" that "don't want Black people, Jewish people, gay people to exist at all." 

"So, it's very scary and very violent and super organized," she added. "And I think, that's the thing that's most frightening to me."

Under Drabinski's leadership, the ALA has become a taxpayer-funded effort to propagandize children. The organization went so far as to try to stop actor Kirk Cameron from holding events at libraries in which he reads to children about traditional values.

According to Drabinski and her ilk, it is only white bigoted parents who are opposed to the material she wants to put in front of children's eyes. I can't tell if she is ignorant or if she just believes the American public is ignorant. Black people, by and large, are not in alignment with the idea that it is acceptable to subject small children to sexual content. Neither are most racial minorities.

In Dearborn, Michigan, hundreds of Muslim parents showed up at a school board meeting to voice their disapproval of this type of content being given to children:

A crowd of about 600 people gathered at the school board meeting, most appearing to be Arab. Dearborn is, of course, the most heavily Muslim area of the country. Wild scenes followed as activists and union members repeatedly attempted to call for unity to no avail.


This was a clash long in the making. Despite typically voting for the Democratic Party, Muslims are largely traditionalists when it comes to the LGBT agenda. And while many Muslims in the United States are tolerant enough to look the other way in general society, they aren’t going to sit by as their children are exposed to sexually-explicit material in school.

Black parents have also voiced opposition to the material Drabinski wishes to push on children. Even CNN published a report discussing black parents choosing to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons. One mother pulled her children from public schooling because she was not comfortable with teachings on gender identity and sexuality. 

What progressives don't want people to know is that parents from all backgrounds are in agreement when it comes to allowing children to remain innocent instead of sexualizing them. This is why folks like Drabinski have to lie about the issue and pretend this is a whites-only viewpoint. They wouldn't dare call Muslims and racial minorities bigots for disagreeing with the notion that children should be studying sexually inappropriate topics. It would make it harder for them to pretend to care about these demographics.

Instead, they just use us as pawns to attack white folks who push back against the effort to sexualize children. But, as I always say, when they have to lie about their actions, you know they are starting to lose the battle.


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