Half of Millennials Want to Criminalize Misgendering: Are We Heading Towards Authoritarianism?

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It is easy to get caught up in the current state of American politics, but it is essential that we also keep an eye on the future, especially as authoritarians on the left are aggressively trying to influence the next generations to buy into their statist ideology.


A recent survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek revealed that almost half of millennials support the idea of misgendering someone being considered a criminal offense. This means that a huge chunk of Americans in this age group want to use the government to force people to censor themselves, which is a terrifying harbinger of what might be to come in the United States.

From the report:

Almost half of millennials believe using the incorrect pronouns for a transgender person should be considered a criminal offense.

A survey, conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek suggested that among those aged between 25-34, 44 percent were in favor of the idea while just 31 percent disagreed.

The remaining 25 percent of those responding to the survey either expressed no clear opinion or simply stated that they didn’t know.

Similar sentiments were found among those aged 35-44. In that group, 38 percent appeared to be in favor of criminalizing misgendering someone while 35 percent were against.

About one quarter – 26 percent – were either unsure or did not express an opinion.

This survey indicating that almost half of millennials support the criminalization of misgendering is a cause for concern regarding the future of freedom of expression in America. Such a proposition, which suggests using state power to enforce language usage, resembles North Korean or Chinese policies rather than those of a free and open society. If this trend continues unchecked, it may lead our country down a path toward increasing authoritarianism and erode the fundamental principles that underpin our democracy.


Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democratic societies, allowing individuals to voice their opinions, engage in debate, and challenge established norms. It is a vital aspect of a healthy society, fostering diversity of thought and encouraging the exchange of ideas. However, the growing support among younger generations for criminalizing misgendering raises serious concerns about the future of this fundamental freedom.

The idea that the state should have the power to send men with guns and badges to imprison people for their words or expressions is reminiscent of dystopian societies portrayed in movies like “V for Vendetta.” It represents a dangerous level of authoritarianism, contrary to the values upon which America was founded. Countries known for their oppressive regimes are notorious for using state force to suppress dissenting voices. The rise of similar sentiments among younger Americans is a worrisome development that could undermine the principles of liberty.

The willingness to employ state coercion in matters of language usage poses a significant threat to individual freedoms. If we allow the power of the state to dictate and control speech, it sets a dangerous precedent. Once we relinquish the right to freely express ourselves, it becomes easier for the government to curtail other liberties. History has shown that once a society starts down the path of authoritarianism, it can be quite challenging to reverse course.

Those who value individual liberty must confront this troubling trend to shift the tide of the debate. It is essential to engage in thoughtful conversations that highlight the importance of freedom of expression and the potential consequences of eroding this right. It is apparent that our learning institutions are not teaching the importance of freedom of expression. Education, open dialogue, and respectful exchanges can help foster an understanding of the values inherent in a free society and the dangers of unchecked state power.


The First Amendment has traditionally prevented the state from regulating what people say in the public square and elsewhere. However, there has been a concerted effort on the part of the authoritarian left to silence dissenting views. You need only take a look at legislation passed in Michigan that could punish people for misgendering folks.

The notion that younger generations believe it is acceptable to use the state to punish people for misgendering people shows that this movement is gaining traction. If this situation gets worse, the anti-speech crowd will find ways to subvert—or even abolish—free speech protections in the country.


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