David Hogg’s Ignorance in Debate on Gun Ownership Provides an Opportunity for Second Amendment Supporters to Turn the Tide

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

A recent Twitter thread posted by anti-gunner activist David Hogg has me asking a question I often ponder: How in the blue hell did we ever get on the losing side of the gun debate? His thread put his ignorance about firearms on full display in glorious fashion.

The activist shared a tweet showcasing his shooting skills and asserting that 30-round magazines are unnecessary. He wrote:

I know many who follow me haven’t shot guns or semi automatic rifles before. Even with zero training I could shoot a pretty tight grouping at 20 yards. Just look. You don’t need 30 round mags. If you can’t stop whatever you need to with 10 7.62 rounds. You got bigger problems.

Pro-gun Twitter pounced, pointing out serious flaws in his claims, including the presence of bullet holes from different calibers on his target. Additionally, Hogg’s lack of expertise and the unrealistic nature of self-defense situations undermine his arguments about magazine capacity and stopping power.

In fact, RedState’s Ward Clark expertly demolished Hogg’s arguments. I’d definitely recommend reading it – Clark pulls no punches in this piece.

The gun control lobby has made significant strides over the past few decades in advocating for stricter firearms regulations as a solution to gun violence. Republicans and Democrats have supported legislation to further restrict firearms. Even worse, polling tends to show that a majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws.

Yet, for those who understand firearms and the debate over the Second Amendment, it is abundantly evident that many prominent anti-gunner advocates, such as David Hogg, lack substantial knowledge about firearms. In fact, it would be fair to say that most of these people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about when it comes to firearms, the Constitution, and self-defense.

This is why I question how the gun control lobby has managed to sway public opinion. However, all is not lost, as there are some positive signs that the tide is turning.

One of the striking aspects of the gun control movement is the limited understanding its advocates often have regarding firearms. David Hogg’s recent tweet showcasing his shooting skills is just one example of how some advocates lack expertise and firsthand experience with guns.

When those who argue for restrictive measures exhibit a limited understanding of firearms, it undermines their credibility and raises doubts about the efficacy of their proposed solutions. This is an opportunity for pro-gun rights folks to educate the masses about the realities behind gun ownership and the Second Amendment. Many influencers have been leveraging these opportunities to teach their audience about the issue.

The knowledge gap within the gun control lobby presents other opportunities for proponents of gun rights. By providing accurate information, education, and responsible firearm training, supporters of gun rights can effectively counter the misconceptions perpetuated by the gun control lobby. Folks like Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure, who travels across the country to educate black and brown Americans living in urban areas about proper gun use, are doing yeoman’s work in this regard.

As I mentioned previously, the majority of Americans still support stricter regulations on firearms. But there is a silver lining. Support for more gun laws has declined considerably over the past three years. Given the rapid rise in gun ownership, especially among women and black Americans, it seems clear that attitudes are changing.

This is all good news.

As support for stricter gun laws continues to decline, proponents of gun rights have an opportunity to fill the knowledge gap and promote a more informed and balanced conversation about firearms. By offering education, responsible training, and accurate information, supporters of gun rights can challenge the prevailing narratives and contribute to a more nuanced understanding of gun ownership and self-defense.


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