When Danger Strikes: Armed New York Homeowner Stops Brutal Attack by Man With Pipe

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File

A New York state resident is safe and sound after defending himself with a firearm in his home. The alleged assailant, Raymond L. Laudo, was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including assault and strangulation, after an incident at a residence in a town in Westchester, which is located just north of New York City.


Fortunately, the Somers city government has not charged the homeowner like New York City, which has a penchant for trying to punish those who dare to defend themselves.

Here’s how it went down:

Laudo’s arrest resulted from an incident that happened on Tuesday, June 13, when state troopers were sent to a residence on Summit Circle for a reported domestic dispute involving a gun.

Once they arrived at the residence, troopers found Laudo suffering from a gunshot wound to his arm, and the home’s resident suffering from blunt force trauma to the head. Both were then taken to Westchester Medical Center for non-life-threatening injuries and eventually released.

An investigation into the incident eventually determined that Laudo had forcibly entered the home and violently assaulted the victim with a metal pipe before the victim fired a round from a .22 caliber rifle in self-defense, hitting Laudo’s arm.

It is not known what led to the incident. One report suggested that the two men are brothers, but I could not verify this in any other report. Still, it is yet another situation in which a firearm was used to defend life. Indeed, contrary to what the anti-gunner lobby wants us to believe, guns are used most frequently to protect life and property rather than being employed in criminal activities. This incident involving Laudo serves as an example that highlights the significance of owning guns for self-defense purposes.


In this case, the victim of the assault was able to protect themselves and their residence from a violent intruder due to their possession of a firearm. When Laudo forcibly entered the home and began attacking the victim with a metal pipe, the victim resorted to self-defense by using his rifle injuring his assailant.

Unfortunately, these types of incidents happen every single day across the country. In many of these situations, the victim is unable to defend themselves against their assailant because they are not armed. This is especially true in states that make it difficult for people to keep and bear arms. Yet, this is one of the reasons why the Second Amendment exists.

This incident demonstrates how the presence of a firearm can empower individuals to safeguard their lives and properties against imminent threats.

While each situation varies, this story supports the argument that responsible gun ownership can potentially serve as a deterrent to criminals and offer a means of protection for law-abiding citizens. It underscores the importance of recognizing that firearms, when owned and used responsibly, have the potential to be valuable tools in self-defense, as demonstrated by the victim’s ability to repel the assailant and escape harm.


Another regrettable reality is the fact that media tends not to draw attention to these stories because most members of the chattering class believe only the government and ruling class should be armed. These stories contradict that narrative. With the rapid increase in gun ownership, it seems likely we will see even more of these scenarios covered only by local media. Nevertheless, the existence of these individuals puts the lie to the idea that everyday Americans should not be allowed to be armed.



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