House Republicans Waste Time on Futile Attempt to Expunge Trump's Impeachments

Evelyn Hockstein/Pool via AP

If there is anything Republicans in Congress excel at, it is wasting time and resources on useless crap. In this episode of political theater, Republican lawmakers are trying to pass resolutions that would expunge both of former President Donald Trump’s impeachments.

Apparently, they believe they can make it appear as if they never even happened. It’s not hard to see why this whole endeavor is meaningless – but do these folks really find it that difficult to look for more productive ways to use their time?

This perplexing move by House Republicans is being led by figures like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Elise Stefanik (NY), have recently pushed for resolutions to expunge both impeachments against the former president:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Friday endorsed resolutions from Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik to expunge the impeachments against Trump.

“I think it is appropriate, just as I thought before, that you should expunge it because it never should have gone through,” he told reporters of the efforts.

The Republicans, earlier this week, introduced the measures. Greene contended that Trump had been the victim of a politicized proceeding and that newly revealed information from a confidential human source proved the FBI had credible evidence into Biden family malfeasance involving Ukraine. The impeachment effort centered on a claim that Trump had attempted to coerce Ukraine into investigating the Bidens to benefit his reelection.

“The first impeachment of President Trump was a politically motivated sham. The Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, weaponized a perfect phone call with Ukraine to interfere with the 2020 election,” Greene said. “It’s clear that President Trump’s impeachment was a nothing more than a witch hunt that needs to be expunged from our history.”

This particular undertaking, however, appears to be a futile exercise with no benefit for Trump himself, as historical records will still document the events. Expunging the impeachment is a purely symbolic move that holds no real weight. Everyone knows Trump was impeached twice. Furthermore, many, if not most, know these shams were politically-motivated hit jobs.

Expunging Trump’s impeachments will not erase the events from historical records. The impeachments, with all their accompanying details and ramifications, are significant milestones in American history that will be recorded and studied for years to come. Scholars, journalists, and the public will continue to have access to the proceedings, evidence, and outcomes, rendering the attempt to expunge them a futile exercise in revisionism.

Even if the resolutions succeed in the House, expunging Trump’s impeachments would provide no tangible benefits for the former president. The witch hunt, whether or not it remains officially on the record, will be etched in public memory. Expunging the impeachments will not change the opinions or perceptions of those who already formed their judgments. Rather than engaging in symbolic gestures, Republicans can find better ways to advance their agenda.

While House Republicans are fixated on expunging the past, their time and effort could be better spent on addressing current issues and working towards their policy goals. Instead of futilely attempting to erase history, they could focus on robustly debating and challenging the policies of the current administration, presenting alternative solutions, and holding President Biden accountable through constitutional means, such as hearings, investigations, or legislative action. By channeling their energy into constructive pursuits, Republicans could make a more substantial impact on the political landscape.

Impeaching Biden is a prime example. Yes, I know that lately I’ve had impeachment on my mind more than Ray Charles had Georgia on his. But as I stated previously, the GOP needs to go harder at Biden and other Democrats, who did not hesitate to throw everything they could at Trump when he was president.

Investigating and impeaching President Biden and uncovering potential corruption in his administration should be top priority for House Republicans. Impeachment is a significant constitutional process that requires substantial evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors. To justify such an action, Republicans would need to present compelling and verifiable evidence of wrongdoing that meets the threshold for impeachment. This means they will have to continue their investigations.

Yes, a Democrat-controlled Senate is not going to vote to convict. Still, a thorough impeachment inquiry could unearth enough dirt to damage Biden and his merry band of Democrats politically. My message to House Republicans: Stop posturing and start impeaching.



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