Surprising Survey Shows Even Democrats Reject Extreme Transgender Ideology for Kids

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It’s Pride Month again, which means conservatives and progressives on the airwaves and interwebs are re-engaged in the typical rhetorical donnybrook over issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community. While conservatives have been pushing boycotts of various corporations, data suggests they might have more success in the culture war if they focused on an issue on which they would have more widespread support: children.


On the right, politicians and influencers alike have been pushing boycotts of companies like Bud Light, Target, Kohls, and a slew of others due to their embrace of LGBTQ politics. These particular cases have been hotly debated among the opinion molders of society. The country is deeply divided on the matter, with some supporting the corporate pandering and others pushing back against it.

Yet another poll showed that there are topics on which most Republicans and Democrats agree – and each of them is related to the movement to “trans” minors. Rasmussen published the results of a survey showing that 62 percent of Americans approve of laws banning sex change surgeries for minors. This isn’t surprising given that most of the country is still sane for the time being.

But even among Democratic respondents, most supported these laws. About 56 percent indicated they favored laws passed in red states that prohibit surgical treatments for children suffering from gender dysphoria.

Rasmussen’s survey also found that 54 percent of Democrats believe hormone replacement therapy for children should be illegal. This is yet another poll showing that even most Democrats are not on board with the movement to trans children. Indeed, several such surveys show that folks who vote Democrat do not support the extreme “progressive” agenda on these issues. In 2022, a poll revealed that a majority of Democratic voters supported Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which disallowed instruction on sexuality and gender identity for small children.


This is a hot-button issue on which most Americans can come together, with conservatives and libertarians leading the charge, unlike the debate over Pride Month and corporations. This isn’t to say that pushing back on woke corporatism is not a worthy endeavor. But strategically, it will not be as beneficial for conservatives who want to expose the left’s most pernicious agenda when it comes to children.

To put it simply, the push to promote transgender ideology among children is one of the Democratic Party’s most glaring weaknesses – especially among those who call themselves progressive. It is the reason why they rarely offer direct defenses for pushing drag shows for kids, inappropriate material in classrooms, and “gender-affirming care” for minors. Instead, they lie about it. They claim these things are not happening, or are not widespread. They falsely accuse detractors of simply wanting to “ban books” and discriminate against children dealing with gender dysphoria. The majority of their arguments are based on falsehoods and deflections.

There is a reason for that.

The reason is that sexualizing children and encouraging them to identify as the opposite sex is indefensible. Most people, regardless of political affiliation, know this is the case, which is why Democrats arguing in favor of these things have to engage in deception and subterfuge. When conservatives make this the top priority when it comes to the sexuality/gender debate, this will be an easy battle to win if they prioritize this issue over the others.




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