Migrant Crisis Spills Into Suburbs: Mayor Eric Adams Sparks Controversy, Calls County Executive 'Racist' and 'Anti-Semitic'

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The migrant crisis, which has been going on since shortly after President Joe Biden took office, is getting worse. Title 42, a provision that makes it easier for border authorities to turn away migrants coming to the southern border, is set to end on Friday, which has prompted thousands of people to travel to the border to try to make it into the United States.


New York City, having already experienced a severe influx of migrants from Texas and Arizona, is struggling to accommodate each of the individuals being sent its way. Mayor Eric Adams has had a hard time figuring out how to house and feed the migrants showing up in his city and has even criticized the Biden administration for refusing to enact solutions to the problem.

Adams has resorted to sending migrants to surrounding suburban areas, much to the consternation of officials running these cities. The mayor does not seem to appreciate the impact this situation has had on the cities to which he has sent these individuals and has lashed out with the usual progressive talking points about racism and bigotry.

Mayor Adams has accused Rockland County Executive Ed Day of being “racist” and “anti-Semitic” after Day issued a restraining order to block Adams from sending busloads of asylum seekers to the county. Adams criticized Day’s leadership and alleged history of anti-Semitic remarks, although he did not provide specific examples or any other evidence to back it up.

“When you look at the County Exec [Ed] Day, I mean this guy has a record of being anti-Semitic, you know, his racist comments,” the mayor said. “You know, his thoughts and how he responded to this, it shows a lack of leadership.”

Day responded, telling Fox News Digital that Adams “can call me every name in the book to deflect the reality of this clear disregard for our laws. And maybe he can explain his own documented ‘racist comments.’”

The clash escalated when Rockland County obtained a temporary restraining order, arguing that the relocation violated local zoning regulations. Adams, however, remained resolute and expressed his intention to challenge any legal obstacles, asserting that restricting movement within the state would set a harmful precedent.


The conflict between Adams and Day revolves around the plan to house several hundred asylum seekers in hotels in Orange and Rockland counties. Local leaders in Orange and Rockland have opposed Adams’ plan, leading to the temporary restraining order.

Adams emphasized that New York City would continue with its relocation efforts and denounced the court’s attempt to deny people the right to move within the state. He underscored the importance of challenging the legal barriers to ensure that individuals are allowed to come to New York.

This development comes after Adams began sending migrants to hotels in the Hudson Valley region. The Armani Inn in Orangeburg was designated as the latest shelter, with the city striking a deal with the inn’s owners to house hundreds of migrants.

However, this decision has sparked dissatisfaction among Rockland County officials and local residents who were not given prior notice or the opportunity to voice their opinions. As many as 300 asylum seekers could be transported to the two hotels, potentially as early as the upcoming weekend, including the Orangeburg hotel and another in Orange Lake in Orange County.

The lack of consultation and transparency regarding the migrant shelter plan has stirred frustration among Rockland County officials and residents. Orangetown Supervisor Teresa Kenny revealed that Mayor Eric Adams informed her of the decision in a courtesy call, clarifying that it was not a request for permission. This revelation disappointed local authorities, who were left with numerous unanswered questions about the sudden influx of migrants into their community.


Adams’ race-baiting attack against Day is an effort to divert attention away from the true problem: the lack of effective action by the Biden administration in addressing the migrant crisis. By engaging in personal attacks and accusations, Adams potentially seeks to shift the focus away from holding the federal government accountable for its handling of the situation.

The mayor has criticized the Biden administration previously, but it appears he is taking a break from speaking out about the actual problem that has led to the situation New York City is in currently. But if Adams really wants a solution, he has to deal with the person responsible for handling the problem. Unfortunately, it seems Adams would rather spend his time calling people racist. Go figure.


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